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Musicalish #91

New music! Double edition! There's a surplus of great sound lately.


Musicalish #90

Here's a few Eminem tracks you might not have heard before! I stumbled upon this article earlier, and thought I would (unlike most people) know all, but most of this is news to me. How many do you know?

The last 21 track post was dedicated to KRS One back on Musicalish #50. Eminem hasn't been around quite as long, but considering all he's accomplished I'd say he's worth a special! Since you've probably heard most of the mostly heard tracks already, a selection of these lesser known ones seems like a good choice to list here. Enjoy the revelation. Or if you do happen to be a hardcore fan - the nostalgia. More track info through that link above.

Tracks follow chronologically, ranging all the way from 1992 to 2013.


My Spirit Is

It's my life, and I live it everyday
Sometimes it's mad, sometimes it's sad, but I won't give in anyway
I don't care for hurricanes or whirlwinds they can't take me away
Not me the whole me, the soul in me the energy controlling me

It's my spirit that is strong
It's my spirit that moves on
When my body's still then my
Spirits gone! My spirits gone! My spirits gone!

It's my spirit that keeps me up
My spirit boils when I had enough
My spirit coils when I loose my touch
And then it lashes out! And then it smashes doubt!

Cause it's my life, and I like it everyday
I have no shame I have no debt and I do not doubt that I'll take the step
We sacrifice so much that is in our way, and we face choices that we don't have
And we hear voices that make us mad yeah life is shit

But my spirit is! My spirit is! My spirit is! My spirit is

A Wise Man Told Me

A wise man told me, yeah, a wise man told me!
That some days when I'm feeling lonely
I just gotta grab my dick I gotta grapple it
Let it know that it don't fucking own me

A wise man told me, yeah, a REAL wise man told me!
Told me to take care of my homies, care for my own Gs
And clear my mind when I go sleep, fear UFOs and the police
Yeah a wise man told me, a wise man... told me

Week 44 - Halloweeen!

My nephew's been visiting this weekend, and am I tired? I mean man am I tired. Man: Am I tired? That man's me. And that's a rhetorical question. But it's been a great week!

First part passed fast with work, then came Thursday - and after an early leave and frantic preparation it's been all play and party. We celebrated my sister this Saturday as well, and what would've typically been a weekends worth of Halloween movies and trivia with my good buddy Bear broke tradition this time to become a tour of Bro; various forms of other entertainment. We played tennis, raced nano-helicopters, toured the neighborhood and blasted Worms... amongst much else. I saw him off at the airport earlier today, and (after driving home in the dark of afternoon in what feels more and more like winter) have been catching up on the usual stuff, again. Really don't feel like working tomorrow, but hopefully - after a good night's sleep - I'll feel differently tomorrow!

On the blog I posted just 3 movie reviews this week, and this other bunch of stuff. Here's last week! IRL, there's this Juice Rap News Wrap-up worth ranting on! Though, they promise new things may follow... I'll stay tuned.

Happy Belated Halloween!! We celebrated with unhealthy amounts of colorful Ice Pops, perfect snack to brighten up these dark winter days. Frosty night.

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