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I like to
Fight two
Opponents at the same time
Night view

I light too
Bright fuse
On that stick of dynamite
Sight lose


No one lives forever, in this realm of deception
I cannot lease to believe you please me
Leaving my regression, contempt with
The reality which I lie to, and lie in
I don't seem to feel like I'm dying, dividing
I'm divine sin, I confide in, my brotherin
Still I chose to huddle then, in this tunnel
Timeless funneling fun


Did it matter much to you when I shoved my shoe
Down into the masses blue like an undulant tool
Did it touch your soul and leave you to confuse
Or too unset your leash and let your light lose

Musicalish #96

Music. Yeah!



It happens that I rap whack but I practice
If you don't practice rap then you lack tactics
You can't become an athlete if you don't run
So get up of your bum and go out into the sun

To All The People Who Slang Dope!

May I remind you, don't let the cash blind you
Cause they will find you, you will be fined too
Much, you won't feel fine, there's no such thing
As a victory in jail, so keep your cash tight
Cause I won't pay your bail

Nor will I give you praise mate, you'll be in
Them white-lined suits, watch out for dust chutes
Lights out, loving lush man it's futile to struggle
You can't fight their care, not a place called heaven
And no safe haven anywhere

So So So to all the people who slang dope!

It's my reminder you can't rewind your life sir
No matter how you climb you can't ever flee the line
Everyone has a border a line that can't be crossed
Some further, some nearer, it has no price no cost
It's the warranty you must

Follow, yo yo all the people who slang dope!


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