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This town has been clowning around too long
I think it's time I sit down and just rhyme a song
I wrote lines that carry on through times of long
Cause I'm a strong emcee I ride along

Blade 3 - Trinity (2004)

Blade 3 - Trinity (2004)

The Blade movie franchise has been on a steady decline since day one. The first received great reviews, second one received worse, and this one worse still. But... I like it! In addition to a convincing set of villains, among them the very legendary Dracula himself (convincingly played by Dominic Purcell), it also has the best credits music of the trilogy, and compared to the second movie the special effects are definitely better.

On the minus side, Whistler dies (yes... again) early on in this movie, and with him what feels like an important part of the atmosphere. A group of Vampire hunters called the Nightstalkers conveniently show up and help Blade in his time of hardship, effectively replacing Whistler. But soon after, most of them are killed off as well. One of the survivors is a girl (Whistler's daughter) and the other seems like an intended comedic sidekick.

I'm really not sure how all of this will play out in a sequel. Too many lose-ends. Too many non-recurring characters and loss of life just to pump up the plot a little, even if they do so efficiently. I wonder why they couldn't keep going on the same trail as the first movie. Whatever happened to Karen - the girl with the potential cure? Too convenient abilities for a sequel? This movie had a good plot overall, just a bit blown out of proportion.

Since #1 it's all getting a bit too messy, and I don't mean messy as in too much blood. When it comes to blood the first had boatloads to what the sequels have buckets, and maybe with that, also an entirely different authenticity about it. Vampires and blood go together like Earth and worms.

Well, setting aside my rant on continuity and unnecessary elements that don't make the movie any better, I did enjoy the fights, the chase, and the comedic values that Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) brings along with him. It's not a bad watch. It's a little better than the second in some areas, a little worse in others, but in itself: as great a flash of vampire action you'll get this year. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Blade 2 (2002)

Blade 2 (2002)

Compared to the original, the second one feels a bit too sped up, with too many special effects, and too much trying to seem flashy and 'cool' rather that classy and brutal.

Take the intro for example. It's the kind of intro you'd hear through the mouths of enemies, or a narrator, not Blade himself. He doesn't speak that way about himself, does he? It's part of his amiable action-hero image to not speak much at all. The quiet type. Silent but deadly. And then Whistler's brought back to life just to get killed off again. Though, he isn't really killed in this movie either. More on that in the sequel...

But that's all just the intro. It does get better. It never gets as good as the first, granted, but among other things it definitely had the most beautiful ending of all Blade movies, one I'd mixed up with the first one. It's directed by Guilermo Del Toro, the same guy who directed The Orphanage, and the sentiments tune in similar.

Among notable character appearances there's that guy from Walking Dead (Norman Reedus), and Donnie Yen! I didn't realize he'd made it to Hollywood! There's also that traitor from The Matrix, and that kind-of-bad guy from Fast & Furious, and I didn't notice Luke Goss was there as well before I'd skimmed through the cast! Quite the batch of celebrities.

The story's about a new breed of vampires, a more brutal, heartless and bloodthirsty kind, one that threatens even the vampires - and thus they offer a truce to momentarily team up with Blade and vanquish this new plague. Though as it turns out there's a more elaborate plot brewing in the background.

It reminds me of Underworld a bit, with the family ties between vampires all of a sudden, an interesting but probably unnecessary focus for this particular breed of vampire hunter films.

It wasn't as great as the first, doesn't really have the same atmosphere, nor the same sense of isolation and threat, nor commitment to continuity, nor as fine-tuned choreography and filming... but it holds its own ground nevertheless. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Blade (1998)

Blade (1998)

The first Blade was definitely the best Blade! There's blood, there's a working combination of special effects and masks, a dark atmosphere, and villains that make sense. It's personal, violent and bad-ass all at the same time, and it's a movie all by itself. There's sequel potential, but there are no red threads that mysteriously disappear past the credits: it feels like a complete story.

Well, maybe there is one wonder: whatever happened to Karen? Does she survive? Does she cure herself? I don't remember her from any of the sequels... but then again, those are loose ends in the sequels. It all makes sense here, and ends with both promise for the future and potential twists we're left to ponder.

I do remember Whistler dying, but I was sure it was in the sequel too. It shocked me a bit, his leaving so soon. First movie, and so many sacrifices... but that's a part of the atmosphere. It was masterfully narrated; violently choreographed. It's good action with a story, it's got blood, it's got sensuality without sex, it's got vampires that look like vampires look like! Classy, gritty; great vampire hunter flick featuring yall know who (Wesley Snipes).

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Blackout (2013)

The Blackout (2013)

It's one more crazy party movie, with a totally misleading cover! A bunch of guys (a band) wake up after the greatest party ever, find a dead guy in the pool, get drunk again to remember what really happened the night before, and then a couple of officers come knocking.

Party humor isn't really my thing. I've never understood this fascination for watching drugged and drunken people throw up all over the place and make fools out of themselves, though fortunately they don't do this all the time. Considering it all takes place at the same house I'm surprised it kept my attention for a full hour too, but I guess in the end the people involved were pretty entertaining to watch. It's not dumb, not bad just... a bit crude and pointless. Decent watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Week 47 - It's A Hit Man

One more week haseth passed! My, how time flies. I've been busy with work and a movie this week (Spectre), which I watched on the big screen for a change, and it was... well it was good! Review should be right below this post. I posted 12 reviews to the blog all in all - getting back to watching a bit more, and going through a few classics I'd yet to post about, like Iron Man. Haven't watched the new Hit Man btw, but it's definitely on my watchlist! As is Ant Man. Man is this a great year for movies! Also, speaking of hits, check these out. There are a few more I posted last week that I don't think I mentioned, in the music category if you know the way. Feels good making music on a more regular basis again! Even if it's all pretty basic.

In other news, I'm back to 750 Words again. I've barely written a tenth of the content over there that I have on this blog, but when you force yourself to spit out a daily dose of three full A4 pages worth of words it amounts pretty quickly! I have only three full months of writing there, compared to ten years here, but I'm closing in on 100,000 fast, and on this blog word counts are closing in on a million... well, I reached a million words in totals a while ago, but it looks like posts only might reach that same number before the end of the year! I almost wish I'd saved that post title for this event.

We hit 900,000 just recently, much thanks to the recently migrated Project 2009 (good opportunity to link there again) and those other collective editions of abandoned drafts, of which there should be one more coming up soon... soon as I have time to revise it. That's pretty much all the drafted leftovers I have for now, but no doubt more will built up with time. Not that amounts matter or anything... but matter amounts! Am I starting to focus too much on stats again??

On the blog otherwise? I've posted... a ton of stuff really, way more than I thought I had! Otherwise there's not much new. Life's eventful, but mostly fueled by unmentionable events. Either that or I just don't have much on my mind at the moment.

Well, I'm off to force feed my nightly dose of 750 words, and then maybe watch just one more movie. Have a good remaining few hours of the weekend! And here's last week.

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