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Johnny English (2003)

Johnny English (2003)

Featuring the grand slogan above, a surprisingly classy introductory melody with great dosage of witty lyricism, and plenty of Rowan Atkins familiar comedy, this Bond-inspired farce stands on its own as both one of the greatest parodies and greatest action comedies I've seen so far.

It's got chases, action, class (or lack thereof), high-tech (or lack thereof!) spy stuff, and even a little romance - all the things you'd expect by a movie of the sort. There is a bit too much poo humor for my taste, but apart from such silliness it was a blast to watch. Again. Such cleverly scripted comedy, and best of all: all so harmless! It's a fun-for-all family friendly agent action flick with plenty of laughs. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Automatically Resuming Playback on YouTube

I bookmarked a video at YT recently, right in the middle of it, and today when I opened it again it resumed where I'd stopped last time! Is this a feature of the site, or of my browser (FireFox)? Whatever it is I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before, and I can't find any information about it.

In fact, when I Google for results on 'YouTube automatically resumes video' I get links to all types of plugins with which you can achieve this result. But it seems you don't need plugins any longer. Whatever feature and wherever it´s been added, I love it! It's all so easy now.

Wifog Is Shit

Tyvärr går det inte att besvara denna enkät just nu. Var god försök senare.

That's the message I get every damn time I try answering a survey lately. And what's up with the ads? Even though they switched their business model from all-free to pay-for-what-you-use they keep showing pop-up ads. As far as I know, those don't give me any points at all.

Though, it's really not pay-for-what-you-use either. There's a monthly subscription fee now. If you don't use any of the credit you buy (you can also gain credit by doing things like answering surveys... if it works), you still have to pay with said credit to keep your subscription active. Compare this to a regular subscription where you pay for a certain amount of calls, bandwidth, etc, and you usually have at least a full year to use up said amount. Here, you won't have anything left if you wait that long. It's officially become worse than a regular subscription.

Wifog used to be great. Well, they used to be free. They were never great, but when they were free I could tolerate their bullshit. I will not pay for their bullshit. Wifog: is shit.


The glum and gloom is a plume of sleet
And at times I stir up a rush with a beat
But when my eyes are open, they see the day
The sun speaks to me, it feels OK

People In Their Cells

People in their cellphones. No I don't mean on, I mean in, it's already been the next big thing. And what's weird is that I'm still more socially awkward than they are, but hey I can make bars. They're just not social. Unless you call a social call a phone call. Everyone's on FaceBook acting like they know all. I'm sitting on the subway in the dead of nights gloam... everyone's buried in their phones.

Phony clones you know, who only cherish what they own. Even in groups they sit alone. Even when they're near the world their world is a zone. Rolling solo on the roam, traveling the road... but always home? I say no, it's not the way to go. I say hell, I can't be people by myself. So why do all these people hide in cells? Am I the only peep here with a shell I want to shell and live for real, the only one who feels we should rebel? And be of greater help, and stop living in stealth, and do some good that's felt, instead of clipping our feelings to our belts.

People in their cells.

Happy 10 Years TorrentFreak

This site just turned 10 years. They're up at 8501 articles, over 162,000 followers and 17,000 subscribers, and still going strong, and you can read the official announcement (and much too brief session of nostalgia) here.

Despite the title, it's not all about torrents. Through the years it's evolved to something much bigger than that, to the point where it's such a large source of unique Internet-related news even giant news syndicates like IDG frequently steal their stories. If you want to stay up-to-date on what's really going on in the world with regards to the Internet, copyright; the global war on and for freedom, this site is the #1 stop to plot at. And yes, there is a war out going on here. A war between large corporations and individuals. Sharing versus commerce. Good guys versus bad guys. Past versus future.

Copyright... what is it really? Is it good? Is it a lie? Is it an outdated model of fair use, birthed to protect artists from crooks and thieves, that is now being used against them? What ideals do we have that are simply based upon social norms we grew up to believe in? A few things you might want to question if you haven't already. I believe it's both good and bad, but it is outdated, and it's not good that it can be so easily abused by the wrong people. Like this recent scandal with Anne Frank's diary. The author is since long dead and buried, but an unrelated corporation has been profiting off of her work for years.

I look forward to change; this is where I hope to read all about that change when it comes to be. Till then, their publications amount mostly to one giant archive of articles on corporate injustice, and sites dedicated to spreading our cultural wealth, that once flourished and no longer are. But at least, it seems TorrentFreak place will be around a while yet. Here's to another 10 years, TorrentFreak!

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