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På pressen har dom presskonferens.
I Vatikanstaten har dom prästkonferens.


I'm gonna I'm gonna do this and that. Then I'm gonna bash your head with a bat.

2015¤324 (The Batch)

I've been through hell
I learned to swim myself

Least I'm set on staying alive, the more I choke
The more I realize, I don't want to die

I throw metaphors like meteor storms, rain fire from the skies.
Found me crowned me around me pounded

and it was me who said it
I'm well-known so I don't really need no credit

Do we justify
Living a lie - or do we do what's right?

Hey you,
No time for laughter, I felt after


Seems like too much filler posting all these one by one, so here you go! A somewhat combinable batch of crap rap.


This aint Tibern so I doubt my burn
Will haunt you more I earn Vermont in score

We All Know Light Travels Faster Than Sound...

We all know that light travels faster than sound. That's why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Musicalish #95

Music! Yeah. In all shapes and sounds.


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