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Mystiskt Bo På Botten Av En Sko

Translated title with untranslatable rhyme: mysterious nest on the bottom of a shoe.


Found this neatly nested insect nest on the soul of a shoe recently, sent Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet a question as to what it could be... and they answered: probably a Ruby Tiger.

So, how do you get butterflies who have somehow found their way indoors to lie dormant all through winter; survive till spring? The answer is you don't. They need ventilation, dark, damp and cold (which causes them to produce an internal anti-freeze and hibernate properly), of which the latter two are rarely found indoors. It's more likely they'll survive in cold storage, like a garage. Some people recommend a refrigerator, though some people really don't. We have a shed, which shall have to suffice.

Problem is my dad wants to use this particular shoe, so the chrysalis/cocoon/thing must be manually moved from shoe to suitable surface of choice. What happens if it ends up upside down? What happens if it doesn't stick to its new surface? What happens... if it doesn't survive?! O_o Oh well, I guess we'll give it a try and hope for the best! Shoo shoe butterfly.

Cyberdevil Says

I'm living the American dream man!
I'm living like a demon.


I said I'm sorry, but that don't answer for my existence...
You don't need to worry, because all I know, is all I know, is all I know...
I am sorry, but that don't answer for my existence
You don't need to worry, cause I am sorry, cause I am sorry, CAUSE I AM... sorry

On Fumes (1:43)


Somedays I Just... 4 (4:43)


On Fumes

Cyberdevil's on top
Cyberdevil's on the spot
Cyberdevil makes it hot
Cyberdevils on your block
Cyberdevil's got it locked

I spit rocks! Snicker at my bars but this shit's hot
Twist a twig and make a bar tick like my wrist watch
Smack you whack rappers and crack a few knuckles
With just the backhand of my new buckle

I chuckle, it's all a grand laugh to me
Don't make me mad though you'll realize my wrath you see
I'm clad in rags cause I don't care about how I look
I just care about the hook and beat, word up

And to emcee! Spit visions to a vicious rhythm
It's how I'd like to live not really how I'm living
I work with car part barging in a garage for starters
Do stuff you don't like, it makes you harden

Life's arduous in this compartment
But as long as I live in a house and not a crappy apartment
I won't give excuses and beg your pardon
Tell you I have nothing to lose and music is my garden

But it's true though, music is my garden
Music is the crop of which I'm always farming
They say get rid of your hobbies and crop rapping
Get a real career or you'll never make it happen

Isn't it happening right now when I rap this?
When people say such things I realize what life this crap is
Pardon, I mean how crappy life is for most guys
Who fled their dreams and chose lies

I suppose I, could choose the same route and bleed
My visions, get in this same coup for greed
But I don't give a shit about that I don't need gas I won't pit stop!
I spit rocks! I got bars to Mars I live this shit Doc

Cyberdevil's on top
Cyberdevil's on the spot
Cyberdevil makes it hot
Cyberdevils on your block

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