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Somedays I Just... 4

Cyberdevil! ( Some Monday... yeaaah!


Monday night is it alright if I write again?
Yesternight was shite but I'm alright again
I had a headache but it passed quick now I'm fantastic
Like that time I slashed my last zit yeah I've had it

Had the whole puberty dealeo
I was confused morphing like a cameleo
Some days down like I ground my last meal you know
But I climbed around and made a reel of those

Dark times when not even stars shine
Now it's all fantastic now it's all prime
Like Optimus, optimal like a lobster bush
Push all I want I won´t drop this flush

I got all aces living in these races
Trying out new faces, phases, contemplating places
To which I can move and do things in
Before resuming my does again


Till life's tasteless, I'm tasting this life's pastries
Taking all chances I can until I make it
Break it if I use it too much but not luck
Luck grows on you it's not something you fuck up

I'm evasive, self-critical complicated
Contemplative sitting by an empty plate in
A house packed with people feeling chased by ghosts
Self-critical critters crawling in my clothes

I boast, but in real life I'm all but jaded
Noticed I lived a lie soon as my dream faded
I made it through the water cause I waded
Till I felt dry land under my cell-shaded grade E´s

Am I going to Hades?
I'm the Cyberdevil man! I'll go wherever life takes me
But I've been contemplating praying lately
Cause you never know where you go... on Day Z


Lately I've been contemplating life and its ends
I've been contemplating all this again!
But I make no conclusions, I got no illusions
I just get disillusioned... I get it

I get we never know what we're doing
What's really right or wrong nothing's truly true or proven
You may be cool and feel groovy but this confusion
Feels like a bad movie

But carry on you'll make it I'm the only one obfuscating
All the sacred rituals and fates we need to take in
To feel we have a purpose and place in this chase of time
I wish I could just rewind to 99

That time when I was schooling and knew no stress
I was a nervous wreck but I deserved no less
I had fun times between my dumb rhymes
And I learned my chess


I get it, us humans are apathetic
We´re pathetic, pitiful little critters in this medley
It's unsettling, it's a dumb setting
But if we can truly rest as the sun's setting

Then it's OK! I just want to live for those days!
I closed my eyes and chose grace
And I know praise goes so far so raise those bars and flow great
Get a soulmate and then your souls mate

I praise love I got no hate
For the love I got love for the love I feel so great
Sitting solo by the box locked on in my solace
But I´ve been with buddies now I'm basking in flow just relaxing with no breaks

Cyberdevil's OK
And today it doesn't end it just goes way
Way past the meter most face I'm unmetered
Don't you know mate


I keep going till it grows late
Monday night is it alright if I flow straight?
For a minute or more than I thought I'd showcase
But I just couldn't stop could I Doc? No brakes

Life is a low place! The sky´s the roof but we spend most our time on the ground
Getting run down, and getting dumbed down, but still getting around
Life's your own space! You may be surrounded by all these other people with no taste
But you savor life your own way, don't mind them, they're all in line with what the clones say

Yo, I got goals made! Sometimes I lose sight of these goals and I'm so gray
But my flame won't fade, not rain nor shade or the pavement that's so paved
(beatbox kick in)
And dope prose holds faith! It holds hope too and I hope that my prose doth hold great-
Nes for the nether rest of the worldly West tethered and left for self-betterment

This is my homage! To... whatever home that can hold age. I say: learn from history and wish to be
Combine both the old and the bold but fuck what's gold mate, all that glows is not so great
Hard work and harmony! A purpose in life is a farm for me, where I'm armed and free
Feel great, and look up at the stars when in need of soul space

And I won't want, don't wait, don't wait to chase all your goals mate
Just chase them wherever you go, whatever the weather whether tethered and slow
Will this go on forever? No, I better withhold, some of my molds for dope prose and let you all go
This is the Cyberdevil, and Someday's... this is my show


I'm not out to be a martyr, I work hard so my records always play harder
I'm so down to Earth I had a playground for starters

To Whom It May Concern

Worth a post of its own this one is. So, to whom it may concern...

Cliché Or Cliche?

For the longest time, I've been spelling this word with the accent aigu. All this thanks to FireFox spellcheck, which by now has kindly reminded me, many times, to add the accent or forever have my word underlined with red.

However, I recently used Chrome, happened to type in this same word... and spellcheck tells me it should be without this tiny added upper line! FireFox spellcheck gives me wrong on the latter, Chrome on the former, and they're both using EN-US dictionaries. So, which is it? The accented version, or the one without? If either one nor the other, both spellchecks probably need to check their spelling...

Shortcuts Under My Computer

Recently I felt a sudden urge to add some shortcuts within the 'My Computer' interface. You might argue that the desktop is a much quicker area of access, but I prefer keeping my desktop free of clutter; only for the files I actively work with. For other more rarely used and not in need of such prominent placement but still quick access items, I decided to do this:

Worms World Party!

Usually this is the place you'd have shortcuts related to your network, but in lack of network shortcuts it's all free space! For anyone who wants to add shortcuts here, simply open up your appdata folder (type in %appdata% in the explorer address bar and hit enter). Then navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Network Shortcuts. And there you have it! One folder for all shortcutting purposes you may need. Have fun!

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

The Muppets are back! Again! :D And they make quite a flashy appearance too.

The movie starts right where the last one left off, and this time it's not just about getting the gang together and resolving conflicts within the group, but about saving Kermit from a Siberian Goulash after the master-villain-frog Constantine escaped and took his place, and framed Kermit with the help of one false mole.

The group don't realize Kermit's missing for quite a while, though there are some suspicious, and if the new Kermit's Russian accent is enough (he has a cold) their new tour manager Dominic Badguy (the name's French - it means good guy) should give some hint of what's to come. ;)

Despite this darker theme, it's all but a dark movie, though maybe a bit more emotional than the last one. The muppeting and touring is meshed together with plenty of musical moments, and the entertaining escapades of a couple detectives on Constantine's trail... which eventually becomes one with the trail of the Muppets. Compared to the last movie, it also feels like this one had a much bigger reach, with different characters progressing in parallel in their respective places, and seeing Danny Trejo make a guest appearance in prison was one huge happy surprise moment for me! XD It pays off not keeping track of all the new movies he stars in. There's so many of them you're bound to spot him here and there eventually, but I really wasn't expecting him to see him in this one!

Other notable guest appearances include Lady Gaga, Celine Dione, Usher (as an Usher), and surely a few more notables I didn't recognize or know of. Though it all ends similarly to the last, with characters all coming to terms with their true feelings and confiding in Kermit, the emotional output doesn't feel overplayed since it's all... different still. The premises for the plot feels fresh and creative, and as always there's a surplus of bad jokes and silly humor to go many rounds around. Everything ties in appropriately; generates a plethora of chuckles and at times, even some uncontrollable laughter. For everyone who hasn't let go of that kid within them yet, this is something that should entertain all ages.

I imagined the last Muppets movie would be their grand finale and grand return all at the same time, the one and only, but I'm glad to see it wasn't the end of it! Here's hoping for many more Muppet movies! Or, at least one. I haven't had enough just yet. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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