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A New Reward

Remember the original? They're at it again! And by the looks of things, it's just getting better and better. You can watch the prologue here. 21 days to go and already close to full funding. :) I'm hyped!

It Was A Bottle

It was a bottle
It was a bottle!
So today I'm
Going full throttle
I don't know why today
But I was made today
It feels I got all
Inside me, GO GO
Bottoms UP! Tops... down
To the ground like a lobster
Like a lollipop said WHAT
But I'm going out with a bang
I'm going out with.. a mobster

Musicalish #66

Catchy tunes with moving grooves. Yeah!



Waste time, sitting down just chilling
I gotta get a million, get me gold fillings
Scared of the dentist I don't find it thrilling
Sitting in the chair I go so ill I might need penicillin

I'm killing all these other rappers here
Cause I've been sitting way too long on my chair
Now that I'm jumping on you know I'm prepared
I wrote a million songs I'm going on strong cause

To Say, Tuesday

I was restfully resting this morning, peacefully, minding my deep sleep, when suddenly this vehicular beast roars to life right outside the window and starts running rampant on the street. I waited patiently for it to go away, eyes closed, listening to the serenade of destruction as it rumbled around, grinding gears and creaking mechanically as it raised what I imagined to be a massive shovel in an attempt to tear something down. Just as quickly as it had appeared, it rumbled away, rolling with surprising agility and speed around the corner, as if it had been scared off, it's muffled roar soon overpowered by the light of the late morning sun. Well, might as well get out of bed.

Week 17 - Early Mornings, In The Works!

So, I got a new job! Friday was the first day. I woke up (incredibly and unhabitually and I could barely stuff down some breakfast) early, traveled in by train and bus, in the process forgetting a little note on which I'd jotted down the different times for certain forms of transport and had to look for signs, ask people, and chance it with a bus other than the one I was planning to take since I'd forgotten the number. Travel with a tension. I arrived in good time though, was introduced to my working environment and then subsequently sat by a computer for pretty much five hours straight, took a short lunch break, sat down for a few hours more, and took the train back home as the fiery sun waned in the sky... it was a tiresome day, but apart from having to leave the house, it wasn't really that different from how I spend most of my free days (excluding summer). Main differences being I can while working at home be outside when the sun is the most present, take my time with my lunch break, leave the computer if other tasks call and take spontaneous breaks (maybe even a long walk) if I feel I need it. Which makes me realize that I should definitely start prioritizing my potential as a freelancer more. Having total control over your working environment, and no travel time... that's a luxury I've been living with so long now that I'd forgotten how much of a luxury it really is!

But on the bright side, it's not a bad place to work. The people are friendly (maybe they're reading this blog now too... got to be careful what I post ;), the times are flexible, and I'm almost... looking forward to getting up early tomorrow morning so I can embark on another long adventure to this distant place to which I now commute, twice a week, for an unforeseeable future. It's not the type of job I'd like to spend my future on, so much I can say already, but it's not a job I dread going to either... which was a relief. I've only been there two days so far, so there's potential for it to grow on me more. Maybe I'll learn to relax entirely and treat these days just like I'm working at home. Well, minus a few trips to the bedroom to sort the sock drawer or a five minute powernap on the sunny terrace, and then some...

Well, otherwise? Earlier during the week? I did other stuff; other work. I've been out a bit, sipping sunrays while I can, and we've had a second cousin sleeping over in the guest (coincidentally also computer-) room. He had to get up early each day, so for a select few days I managed a pretty early morning routine too, to quickly relapse and sleep the day away as soon as there was no need to get up. Well, at least later than 6 AM. I think better routines are slowly sinking in. He stayed till Saturday.

On the blog I've posted quite a few (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18) posts, and here's last week.

Also, today is the last day for the Dino Sharing Song Kickstarter! If you happen to have 6,300 USD to spare you just might save it from all doom impending. ;) Good day!

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