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Week 22 - New Bike!

Lyrics here. Aaaand I got a new bike! :D It's a Monark Karin, and yes, that is a woman's bike, but in this new age of gender equality such trivial things should not matter! The original 'hammock frames' as they call them are the most practical ones you can get too. Easy to get on and off. Strong. Durable. And for some reason women's bikes usually come equipped with baskets ready to be packed with that backpack I'd have to smack on my back if I didn't have one. Why don't men get these common luxuries on the potentially more painful difficult-to-get-off-and-on horizontally barred alternatives?

Previously I was riding back and forth to one of my part-time jobs (around 20km) with a Kungs Mariedal, also a women's bike, but after some heavy local paper delivery and other chores it's been battered down, and it's a single speed, so this new one will be a breeze in comparison! Summer, winter, whatever the weather I'll fly like a feather.

I've been trying countless brands of bikes in preparations for the final selection, and the more I tried, the harder it was to choose: Scott, Specialized, Crescent, Monark, Sjösala, Aspenäs, Appolo, Yosemite, Biltema, Pilen, Stålhästen, Merida, Occano, Velocity, DBS, probably a few more I don't recall - all types of variations from the classics, to city bikes and hybrids, fatbikes, mountain bikes, racers, and I'd have liked to try a few cruisers too but apparently they don't sell those here. I like the standard model best, with upright sitting position, though I wouldn't mind a hybrid either if I'd found one that felt comfortable - with inner-gears rather than ones on the outside that wear and tear. It seems you either have the standard model, comfortable-inner-gear classic, or the outer-gear sports alternative with a thin seat (though that can be swapped out easily) and parts that'll require much maintenance in the long run. So, I settled for the classic.

Serious and Electra are two other brands I could only find online that I'd have loved to try. They looked great, weren't too expensive, and even rarer - they combined those two aspects of standards and sports I mentioned above, but the one I chose isn't bad either. It's light enough (18kg), comfortable, easy to steer and stop and it rolls along smoothly. And they had it in 55' as opposed to seems-to-standard 51', which might be why it felt just right compared to so many other models.

In a bout of celebration I recorded a bunch of old verses for various occasions that were never posted when they were supposed to. Here they are: All Aboard & Hoarding, Sorting Files, Not Much New To Say, New Year Free, Joker, Leftovers... on the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews (Intersteller and Project Almanac are really worth checking out if you haven't), a few old quotes, music and other stuff, and here's last week.

I'm feeling creative allofa sudden! Hopefully some more professional recordings (with music) will be popping up online soon. It's been an incredibly busy week, I got a haircut, my parents drove up North, life is good and the next one starts tomorrow. Until then!

New Year Free (0:51)


Sorting Files (0:56)


Not Much New To Say (0:51)


All Aboard & Hoarding (0:59)


Joker (0:46)


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