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New Bike

I'm standing on a train with my bike
Handbrake in my left hand phone in my right
Got my backpack packed like I'm ready to hike
Packed bag in the basket and I'm all right
Standing firm in curves like I'm prepping for flight
Feeling uptight just slight out of place
But I'm with my bike and my bike is amaz(ing)
Sweat dripping on my brow like I just won a race
Like I was in a race and I was - I was crazy hasty
Went off work five twenty and on the train way late
I arrived at the bike shop in a trail I blazed
Cause on the bus stop twas not a bus in acres
Ran from the station and I made the gates
Just before they closed and I got my...

Hey! Time to go star in on a new safari with my Monark Karin!
Go far in to the marks on Norrland till the tires scar and the seat is hardened
Hey! Time to shake these bars and escape the car part garage for a large weekend
And just darken the car compartments when I glide by on the car parking stark mad and raving
Clad in rags but new paths I'm paving when I let go of these brakes and fly away
On higher ways, like fire escapes! I just got a new bike and the day's been great

Week 22, 2015

I woke up 9:09 checked my vital signs
Yesterday my buddy said I need to try some wine
So when I dined, guess what I tried?
Well not wine, it's just not something that I like
I want Coca Cola, or any kind of soda
Like a Rock n Roller live young and never grow older
Is that what Pops has told ya?
Well guess what bright... your pops was right!
But despite all this nice advice I get
I live in denial sometimes like yesternight with a bite of chips
And fried eggs, then I fell in bed like a brick
And woke up with a fight to fit!
Close my eyelids it's been too long ago
Since I took a break from being on the roam
On the online, home and on my home
I'm on a roll I just scream Geronimo and go
I took a walk just recently, felt I still have some meat in me
I have the decency to flee my dream supreme, a while
But I wonder if this dream's for me
I could spend all day by the box and more
I could spend my life, I could spend all yours
And I'd never grow bored, I'd just grow sick
My body's a bit battered what if my battery's quit
Wellll I'm getting ready, for the summer to come!
I'll be simmering soon, in the shimmering sun
Contemplating my fate, for a month or two
And then I'll get back to you
What am I gonna do
With my life

Just thinking a few, things
Thoughts, Week 22, brings

Sorting Files

OMG the monotony!
Stress? There's a lot in me!
Next, all I've got Indie
All the music from NG then

A lot of bots bots I made
And bots I've got
And scripts I've scripted
And ripped from sites I've flipped

And the sites I've knitted
Through countless night shifts
Got to take a shit, then get back
And sit stiff

I could crack a sick spliff
But that just aint me
What is the frenzy!
Get back to NG!

34,000 files last time I checked
Last time I checked I had spinal neglect
I sat crooked when I should sit erect
But heck, you only live once better make the best

( I'm sorting files
oh yeah, haha, I sorta smile

I'm sorting files
Oh yeah, I write a verse cause I'm versatile

I'm sorting files
Oh yeah, why? Maybe I'm in denial

I'm not a perfectionist so why am I doing this
Sometimes I almost wish these files didn't exist )

New Year Free

I don't live in the hood but in truth it might do me good
Been chained into a lifestyle, unlike a life I could chose
To live, far away from truth youth and beauty
It's lies and I rage, age... did this to me

It's a nice night, fireworks act like my skylight
New year's here, I see red like in a knife fight
And bright yellow mellow green soothing blue, it's a scene
Neon vibe and pale moonlight shining down to me

New promises, life in bliss, get a studio
I want you to know, I will make life beautiful
It's ugly like the sewers in truth
But not tonight with blasts and blows raining down like hoofs

And I'ma, use this day everyday as inspiration
Remember when I saw the sky ablaze with moving constellations
Endless variation like the spots on dalmatians
A haze of light shades fade away, but today

I see the sky float in a toupee of gray
And the fireworks spray

( New Year )

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