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Not Much New To Say

Not much new to say
Today is A Tuesday and the view is shade
I look out right through my shades
Look out at the view depraved of color
All skewed and gray
It's more like June than May
Flowers bloom and fail
Everything is red in day
But at night it's stale
I wish the view prevails
All the soothing rays
All the jubilant ways
That it smooths my face
Sitting indoors
I probably look like aluminum paste
But I got too much haste
To get out much so I fume and bake
In my room till late
Till the boombox shakes
With a tune and breaks
And the hard drives melt
Cause they're made of felt
I guess I'll bask in strife
Till what's after life
Catches up in twilights
Far after nights
Such as this one
Thank you for
The listen

All Aboard & Hoarding

I got a cardboard door
Go through it go to war
With my cardboard lore
Can I harbor any more
I got stuff in my stuff
Stuffing in my stuffing
I got this house so stuffed
And still there's not enough things!

And it's tough living
In a kitchen where the sink
Is a kitten box
And I got buckets full of twinkies
Yeah it's nuts innit
It's like the inside of a truck in this
Little place I touch up to dump stuff
Like a dump truck

Come on and visit and I sit you amidst
Some ditched dishes, with dibs of disgusting spinach
It's my business, life is rough like a dust genie
Must witness, there's so much dust it's like it just jumps in
Through the chimney, a bit much a menace
I get bitter again and I got rid of my friends
Cause they were all pretend, they saw a rat once
They ratted me out and got me fenced

So much of a scene sirs knock on my door with vacuum cleaners
But I don't have enough space in this mad mess
And I put a bed on my mattress
Just so I can lavish
Just so I can have this
Rest after collecting till I'm ravished
There's a thin border between order
And disorder but I'm a hoarder
From wall to wall in my corridor

Freestyle May 24, 2014

I don't know what do do
I don't want to move
I don't want to go out
Go out of my room

My house, I don't want to go out
Soon it's June, what am I gon' do
I gotta move I gotta

Do something NOW! I'm a leap for it
Leap years happen bout every each morning
Aint it ironic the leap years don't leap?
They last a day longer, the time we keeps

Makes us stronger inside, thin side my inside
Not working well my liver my well thing's slide
It's hot inside the house now, I should go out now
27 degrees, what's this about now

Uh, and that's all I have to say
I have my way ever day and have no shame
And have no gray hairs either, I'm a - born leader
Supreme sublime serene some time I'll be like Beiber

Famous, the world will know what my name is
Till then I'm going nameless shameless game but not gaming-less
My life a mess of stress and obsessions, it's time I
Go out and teach myself a lesson. Yesson.

Here's one. Cyberdevilian Freestyle then I run.


I'm sleeping my nights with the light on
Don't know which planet I'm from
Sleeping every day like daylight's the wrong way
And I carry on. day after day
I went from bad and strong to sadder and battered gray
My batteries running out of me, I'm leaking fluid
Truant till my death, till my life is ruined
And truth is in the ruin, buried beneath the dirt
Don't know what I'm doing, it's stupid can I make it work?
Woke up feeling sick so I put on some music
Woke up feeling blessed feeling I should get a grip
But then I lose it late at night, and wake up, feeling like shit
I'm stuck in a cycle I can't quit
But where there's smoke there's fire, I have a lighter
Never been a smoker so I don't need to retire
And I've never been high so I can climb higher
I'm a joker when I spoke these words, so broken I'll be croaking
For I climb out of this pit. What is this shit.


I had a stroke of luck now I've woken up
Feeling dope as fuck for the both of us
I need to go and I know you need to catch the bus
Here's your bag brush and bra for that magnum bust

Some other stuff is all strewn around the bedroom
Better live this noon cause we might be dead soon
I'm leaving you now but you'll be in my head soon
Till then, I'm feeling newly wed like a suited groom

Here's what I do in rooms (Leftovers)


What doesn't kill us! Only serves to make us stronger!
I want to kill dust! Clean my closet make

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