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All winter I walk with red eyes
Smile a dead smile
Beds my haven I wake up
I get vile

An old buddy called me
I haven't heard him, I haven't hurt him
In a long time
Get smile


Yeah it's been a good trip
I keep looking in the mirror, thinking this is it
When I'm still barely getting started
What's art, who is I, where's the party?


And rap till the world is changing
Then maybe some day I can go on vacation and get time back
And I can go home to my kitchen, shift a position, sit down and listen,
Hear, hear while I'm in my chair, at home on my home


I listen to Hopsin and get inspired
Feeling higher than aspiring popstars in a flier
I got far guess I'll lay back and retire... fuck that
I'm like Marshall all that Mathers is


I'm just a white rapper Rittz, I'm just a white rapper!
I'm the whack one they're all coming after!
Better attack! Gun em down like a massacre!
Then run the asphalt fast like it's Nascar!
And go past far, go star-far
In my macked out car back to Svalbard
Haul ass go fall-fast past Wall marts
All cars crawl all yall are like tractors


Don't care.
Living life, making the most here.
I'll keep going till I'm a ghost clear
Translucent like the white around an eggyolk yeah
I have no fear, I went through them all now the coast's clear
Suppose peers have a point when they say I'm no real
I hide inside and abide time like the Pope´s peers

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