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I look in the mirror
I don't see what I want to see clearer
I don't see myself I just see a big error
I see a beast waiting to fill the world with terror
I see a loop forever and ever and
Is it scarier than a good acapella
It's scarier than a hooded crocodile with a terrier in his jaw
All I saw on the net was like umbrellas compared to the storm
From which there is no shelter, not ever so

The Cyberdevil

The Cyberdevil
Yeah he lives forever
The Cyberdevil
This shit won't get better

The Cyberdevil
It's the same thing every year
He comes back (echo)
You thought he disappeared!

But let me tell you, that he's been hell trough
He's smelled hell fumes, but all is well when he smells dew
He won't ever stop he won't fell you better drop locks
Or he'll shell you, I don't even know what I'm talking about but

That won't happen ever
We're speaking about C to the D the CyberDevil
The king of the portal the upholder of the net
His time has been since the beginning and it aint even here yet

Sorry to disappoint you
you might need slicker joints too
The Cyberdevil is a monster he's the future
He's a point crude

Listen when the Cyberdevil is talking
Or you'll be walking
Back home with your backbones
Chalking the path stone

It's the Cyberdevil


Don't know why this world is waiting on me
I'm not waiting on this world, to make me great
Nah nah- Great! Nah nah- na na!


I'm trying to think of something to write, last time
I stayed awake till midnight fighting the fight, I stayed away
From insight, blinded by light, going outdoors
Mentally fighting the crime instead of taking my time
To lash out and slash doubt, pen up in my hand
Like a black snout, scribbling down the tracks that I can't shout
Freestyling like a wheel with no style but add a hill
And you got high heels like Betty Page and class like


Like my generation I stuck to the telly
Reality felt silly for really when my belly


Oh man, I feel like an old man, living alone in a cold van
Just waiting for a sign, for an oman, living like a program
Power on, power off, there is no and (as in: end)

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