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If you're wondering why I,
Don't have the time to rhyme,
I'll tell you why sometime,
But not now, cause there are so many things on my mind,
Wanna go on? Rewind.


From here on out it's the Chronic two!
Out with the old and in with the new,
Yeah out with the white and in with the blue,
No more Fat Joe in the room,
Ninjas In Paris.


I'm at the verge, where is the sergeant?
We may need some demon detergent,
All units converge.


It aint my time you live in
It aint my time, you clowns
Are going down like my shoe shine
I'm gonna grind you till you find
You can't do time
You can only do
What is wrong with you


So so so,
It does snow,
From the sky,
to below oh oh.
It's so cold cold co-old.
I don't know.
Why the angels,
Are crying with tears,
That are frozen.
Big holes in the ozone.

Resolutions 2015

Yeah yeah, I know I am way too late with this post! I didn't make any resolutions on New Year's Eve, but technically it's still the New Year, right? So, still New Year Resolutions! I've decided to keep it simple this year. I want to Stay Strong and Let Go.

By Stay Strong I mean stay positive. Don't let the minor things faze me. If I wake up with a headache... I can still use the day. If I feel anxiety creeping upon me... staying busy will keep my mind off it. If I persevere and keep going I shall get somewhere.

By Let Go I mean don't dawdle: don't get stuck on the little things. Don't get caught up on replying to every part of every message, don't attempt to finish a post even when it might not be worth writing, don't double-check reviews or comments, or any of those things that don't really need to be double-checked. Don't get stuck with bad routines or thought patterns - let it go, let life move you where you want to go, let it be, learn to say No if you have no time, learn to say Yes even if you don't want to just because some stupid phobia is holding you back. Don't get stuck. In a mood. In a place. In a conversation. In a strain of thought. On revising this final sentence to make this one goal be as well-phrased as it can be. It's good enough.

Of course I always have some short-term goals, things I want to do this year. I mean: things that I will do. I'm starting by getting in better shape. I'm going to bike at least 10km at least 4 days this week (I was when I started writing this, it's snowing like crazy right now though, I've started the shape-shifting process by shoveling; will bike tomorrow if possible), and see where that takes me. I'm going to make necessities a routine: write a diary entry and brush my teeth twice each day, and I'm going to make the music I feel like making! And write. No albums or books promised, but if I abide by rule #1 and 2 good things should follow.

I'm also going to change my focus with this site from keeping everything to keeping it fun. No more archives of even the most mundane forms of content, no more nihilistic revisions, and though I have no plans on deleting things I don't need to delete, not all changes have to be documented; not everything archived either. It's time to start making site work impulsive and frequent, not forced like it so easily gets when there's so much waiting to be done. No musts. Only wants. Only could do's and will do's.

I have plenty of minor, major and less timeable goals, but I shall work on those at a continuous pace, in small steps, each day a new start, each new day a treasure. All the best!

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