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Got a gateway to another galaxy,
Gotta get in the zone and pick it up.
Pick up lines a pick up truck,
Stick em up you rich as Fox news fucks.
Fox trott sucks.

It took some time,
But at last I cooked one rhyme.
It takes more than a Brooklyn mind,
To take your time to a crook a crime.
You gotta book a fine, jeay.

Cellular (2004)

Cellular (2004)

It's got Jason Statham! Cellular VS Connected 1-0. It's not nearly as entertaining as the Asian reiteration. Cellular VS Connected 1-1. It's not really as dramatic either. Cellular VS Connected 1-2. It improves upon some of the lose-ends you may have noticed in the former... though I can't recall any particular lose end at the time of writing eh... no points. This movie has a sunnier more American atmosphere to it. It has criminals that don't seem so pretentiously evil. It has the old-type of action-comedy soundtrack that fails to build up the suspense as well as the other one. The fight's aren't as exaggerated (though nor are they as awesome), nor are the car chases, and the cop's an old sympathetic, tired, retired kind of cop, not the young, humble hero. The relations between certain key characters are different too (sister and brother become mother and husband), and the woman on the phone isn't quite as charismatic...

Overall, both the original (Cellular) and the reiteration of it (Connected) are really very similar, they even have the credits-in-cellphones thing with suitable expressions to match, but there are certain differences that work in favor of... both. For the fights, for the action; overall intensity of it all, I'd favor the Asian remake, but for some of the atmosphere and character charisma I'd favor the American. But those Asian hills are beautiful, and Connected has Barbie Hsu, the charger saga was hilarious and the car chase awesomely destructive. On the other hand Jason Statham has much more charisma than his Asian counterpart, though some of the other characters are major stereotypes and some twists of the plot all too expected. Cellular VS Connected... conclusively? Connected.

Considering that movie built-upon what this one started, it had all the potential to improve, and it did! Some of it's just different, but for the most part it's better. Don't let that stop you from watching both of them, though! They're both great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Connected (2008)

Connected (2008)

Connected is a movie told mostly through cellphones, that ironically enough starts with a regular phone. A woman is kidnapped, she's taken to some place in the middle of nowhere, sees a phone, dashes for it - one of the thugs runs in and smashes it, and leaves, and she's left on her own. But, out of one of the broken pieces of that battered phone there comes a sound, the monotone transmission of nothing but white noise, and she manages to piece together the broken parts of the device and call some random stranger (she's good with devices btw - with fixing things, we learn this in the intro).

That random person happens to be Bob, a debt collector on his way to the airport to meet his son, a promise he really doesn't want to break after many earlier broken promises. He originally plans to hang-up on Grace, the potential prank call kidnapping victim, but when the villains return and shoot a guy in front of Grace - the broken pieces of the receiver temporarily hidden beneath a coat - he makes it his mission to help her.

It's an interesting blend of action comedy and real perceivable danger. Those crooks aren't messing around. On the other hand, Bob's messing things up all the time, failing to save one person after the other that the crooks come after - with the intent of threatening Grace to reveal something she doesn't know... and we don't either, until later on. A police officer gets involved in the mess. Bob finds a gun in the glove compartment of his car. He crashes the car and has to 'borrow' another one, and one more, and everything escalates quickly...

It's a pretty unique movie not just because it revolves around the one phone, the connection that cannot be broken, but also because it's based on the American movie Cellular (review coming soon!), whereas recently the other way around has been increasingly common: Asian movies are ported to US audience, and often with bad (well, worse) result.

I can't say if this was better or worse than the original, but it was good, great in fact. A terrorist drama in classic HK style, with gunfights and occasional bursts of martial arteries all mashed together, with a clever plot, and when it's all over: credits rolling on various cellphone screens, prequelled by various regretful/despairing expressions from the movie that makes this, not one of the best movies I've seen, but definitely one with the most entertaining movie credits. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Musicalish #50

This spectacular one-time Muscalish special is dedicated entirely to KRS-ONE, a Hip Hop legend who's been around since the eighties, is hitting 50 this year and still going strong. The videos aren't all videos this time, but rather selected tracks from 21 individual albums by this one artist, courtesy of Doomroar - the Hip Hop connoisseur from Colombia. Enjoy!


Week 2 - Speak Truth

First real week (as in: not split between both years) just flashed by!

I've made some Flash, I've played some Flash games, I one day made the grueling discovery that my Flash saves are apparently purged every once in a while, I then made the startling discovery that you can specify how much space Flash is allowed to allocate for its saves on a per-site basis (here's the official tool), but then I made the disappointing discovery that it doesn't seem to matter how much space I allocate on either overall or per-site basis: the saves still disappear mysteriously at seemingly random intervals.

So I installed Synctoy, set up my first ever scheduled task in Windows (a really nifty little feature most people probably aren't aware of - check your control panel for more info) and am now having my Flash saves backed up on a daily basis. Of course, they may still get purged right before the backup's made, right after I've spent pain-stalking time plowing through some new highly addicting Flash RPG, but at least now I have backups, and no longer need to copy the folder manually on random occasions.

The one downside to Windows built-in scheduler is that you can't have tasks run on a more frequent basis than daily - at a specified time. I'd rather have this specific task run a few times each day, just to be on the safe side, but to do that I'd need a different program.

Apart from Flash Saves, I've also had some trouble with a recent FileZilla update which for some reason messed up my connection settings. I've spent this morning toggling options and through trial and error finally figuring out that if I connect to a very specific port, use SFTP instead of regular FTP via TLS and have a passive connection limited to 2 concurrent uploads/downloads at any one time - it works!

Setting minor computer issues aside, and what appears to be Pericoronitis (Infection Near Wisdom Tooth), the week's been well. Winter started again, and the last three days (today included... though that's the week after this week's post) it's been snowing for three days straight. I've just been out shoveling snow, shoveled snow this morning, shoveled a little snow yesterday, shoveled so much snow the day before that I wondered if I'd be able to even raise my arms the day after. It's OK, I can raise my arms just fine! Don't mind the gruelingly sore muscles that tell me it's snowed waaay too little this winter, until now. But tomorrow, on my first work day of the year, I hear it's all about to melt away again and make way for a particularly difficult first bike ride to and from that place to which I bike (work).

I've written, I've played Pokemon Rangers, I've read comics, I spent a day with a buddy, I spent a day wondering how my calender had mysteriously vanished (by some mischievous miracle it'd wedged itself behind my computer desk, far from the place it usually hangs around) and yesterday I recorded /mp3/1/Week-2-2015.mp3">this little thing which I was planning to make something more important out of, but that was before I stumbled upon a couple of One Piece clips on YouTube and in sudden One Piece frency watched through 12 episodes straight in the Impel Down Breakout arc. There's room for self-betterment yet, and a few more episodes of that today...

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, a plug, a bad review (fuck Hosting Cove's horrible support), music, and here's last week. And I'm just about to post my resolutions...

It's A New Year!

It's a new year!
Look out through the window.
There's so much you can do here!
Why are you sitting indoors?
Go out and get new peers!
Look out at the view, as the fireworks boom,
From your room, are you too scared? Haha..

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