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Drift Stage

Here's a project that doesn't really need the extra attention, but as it is a game I'm looking forward to playing I thought I'd post a plug anyway.

There's an alpha version of the game available here (free), and the project has been in the works for some time before Kickstarter. I must've signed up for their newsletter some time since I was just made aware of this, now... it's finally happening! Drift Stage

A BAD Review For Hosting Cove

For two years now I've had a 'backup' reseller with Hosting Cove AKA Spinikr.

I've paid my (2) bills on time, and I've never even used my services, because I haven't needed to. I signed up to have a place to move my most important sites should I ever be forced to, and thus far I felt like it was a good, secure solution to have at hand should it ever be needed. It was also very cheap, only $25 per year (I signed up on a lifetime rebate).

I tried logging into my account at the end of last year, to review now outdated login details for my server. They moved their service along with their support section (on 3/26/13) from Hosting Cove to Spinikr, their new main site (they might have been bought up - I'm not sure at this point). I've logged in via Spinikr once, I think - last time I paid an invoice, but this time I could not login.


All About The Benjamins (2002)

All About The Benjamins (2002)

Ice Cube is a bounty hunter! He runs into one of his old foes, a clowing-around broke-ass that-word-I- can't-say-cause-I'm-white from way back, who just so happens to escape and hide in the van of a murderous psycho who just stole 20 million dollars worth of diamonds - but they aren't real. The clowning-around so-and-so just won 60 million dollars on lotto, but dropped his wallet while fleeing from the same guys who are now chasing him for the diamonds, who ironically have no idea about that lottery ticket they're handling while searching for a third-worth of riches aaaand it gets messed up!

All in all, it's a classily crazy Ice Cube action flick that reminds me a little of Ride Along, just not as polished towards an international audience. Also with a somewhat superficial (yet expected) motive: it's all about that $$$. Mike Epps (the clown; progressive sidekick) doesn't have the same comedic effect as Kevin Heart (maybe cause he's taller than Ice Cube?), sometimes coming off as plain annoying, but it was a blast anyway, an action comedy that never really slows down! Until it's over. Eva Mendez makes a surprise appearance too. Good watch!

 rated 3/5: not bad

The Numbers Station (2013)

The Numbers Station (2013)

I read an article recently about these mysterious numbers being broadcasted through certain frequencies, that have been going on for decades, and their purpose still hasn't been revealed. Theory is: the numbers being broadcasted are messages to operatives of certain foreign powers in the field. The way they're broadedcasted via radio rather than digital ways makes them impossible to trace. It's pretty interesting. In one of the comments below said article, there was a recommendation of this movie - featuring John Cusack and Malin Akerman, that just so happens to have passed under my radar this past year! So, I gave it a watch.

The Numbers Station is the story of a station where numbers are sent out, about a man and woman involved in the sending of such numbers, and how one day their location is breached and they are hunted; soon stuck in the underground vault awaiting rescue. The characters, as well as the intrigue, is presented nicely at the start of the movie. The locale and routines required to get into it thereafter. And then, the action begins.

Most of the movie takes place in this one bunker, in hope, in despair, in trying to figure out what the intruders are after and how to get out of there and what to do about it. Despite the lack of varied sceneries, it's a pretty suspenseful watch. The actors are good. The situation's believable. The intrigue is clever. It's a professionally filmed movie with a few twists and a rare explosion, on a topic that by being 'real' easily raises my bar of interest a little extra. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


I don't know what's worse
Than waiting on someone
Who never gets done
I'm waiting, just waiting

And raging inside
It burns, it itches
The rage inside
Irritation, waiting

I hear the person laugh
She's speaking, she's talking
She's having a good time
I'm waiting, raging

And itching inside
It burns, in my spine
I feel, when I breath
The time that is running

Down through my fingers
Plans that I've made
I'm not the type
Who screams in a rage

I'm not the type
Who shouts get a move!
Wish that my pain
Would somehow run through

Wish that she knew
Just how I felt
Wish she would wait
For someone else

But I'm not the type
Who let's someone wait
I don't arrive early
Rarely I'm late

I don't know what's worse
Than waiting on someone
Who never gets done
Who keeps having fun

She thinks she's important
She plans, her plans
Are much more important
Than mine

I'm done with my work
And she's done with hers
She just wants to talk
So I write a verse

And when she is done
She expects me to run
Let's go! She says
And we go, sunless

Fun, less, some
Stressed, hating,
I'm tired, I'm tired
of waiting.


You can hide your bench by the sea sure,
But you won't ever leave you're tepee more,
I rigged the whole tree load with C4,
See your the kind of person I don't want to see more!
So flee your paradox, and be a parrot box.

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