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Musicalish #48

Prodigy! Yeah.


Musicalish #47

First music post of 2015. Yeah!


Resolutions Aftermath 2014

I'm unusually late with this post this year... maybe because my resolution achievement quota is unusually low? But here they are now, the things I was going to do and be last year... and the one thing I did! Here's the original resolutions post.

Actually, I usually post these posts at the end of the year to which they apply so... I guess I'm unusually early! :P Aaanyway, in 2014 I:

Was Going To Do

  • Project 2014 Every day of the year I'm going to write something creative, like a poem, a rhyme or a short story, right here. YEPP
  • Out of this year's resolutions, this was the one thing that I did do. I may have missed a few deadlines by an hour or two, but overall the project progressed much smoother than I'd anticipated, way better than when I tried the same thing back in 2009. It spurred plenty of good work, and kept me inspired even when there wasn't much inspiration to go around. Success!

  • One Album I'm going to record, produce and somehow distribute at least one original full-length album of my own. NOPE
  • I got a new mic, I started gathering lyrics, but the plans never really picked up. I have released a few great tracks though, in collaboration with some great musicians, my first creative works in a long time where I feel like I've progressed and become noticeably better, and there's more on route. An album this year, maybe? I'm not making it a resolution though.

  • One Book I'm going to write or finish writing a complete literary work, and seek to get it published. NOPE
  • In retrospect, it feels like I had a bit unrealistic expectations before the grand year 2014! That or I've been focusing on the wrong things. Probably the wrong things... I wrote routinely during the first half of the year, and barely none during the latter half. My book is still far from finished, not to mention published.

  • Work I'm going to apply for at least ten jobs every week, unless I get a full-time occupation or rich. NOPE
  • Hmm, I applied for one job. Still going strong with my part time personal assisting work though! Still writing! Still designing! Still in need of a $$$ surplus and infinite riches that I'd use ever so wisely to better the world (and buy a few new Hawaii shirts)!

Was Going To Be

  • Strong! I will walk a minimum of 3km each day, stretch each day and exercise in some other way twice a week. ALMOST
  • I did the talks, I did the walks, I didn't do much of the rest! With work, 14km bike rides have been a thing at least twice a week, but that hasn't been every week. Especially during the latter part of Christmas I probably skipped exercise completely for two weeks straight... apart from walks. And shoveling snow. And stretching? Anyway, definitely not as much exercise as I was planning..

  • Self-Sufficient! Absolute financial stability is more of a must than a want at this point. NOPE
  • No comment. But at least my economy's better than last year!

  • Dentally Trouble-free! I will brush my teeth twice a day. ALMOST
  • At least I brushed my teeth once every day. Many days twice. Occasionally even three or four times to make up for lost toothbrushing sessions. I need to make it a routine.

  • Happy! I will appreciate life. I will savor all sensations to their fullest. ALMOST

I'd like to say yes here but... to the fullest? I'm still far away from full of appreciation! I do my best to take each day as it arrives, make the most out of the life and savor the moments, but the highs are still intertwined by occasional lows. Especially winter.

In conclusion... it's been a good year anyway!! I didn't follow my resolutions to the fullest, but I have achieved things that make me proud, I've stayed busy and I've progressed as an individual and as a creative. I'd have liked to write up a summary of past year notable events, but that ought to be too time-consuming a task. ;)

Here's hoping 2015 will be even better!


Abstract, like an auntie drinking a cup of ant tee she found in the pantry. Bandanna Jerry eating a banana by the cemetery, the heavy metal band Anna playing seven sermons heavy.

People Talk About Having Your Head In The Clouds...

People talk about having your head in the clouds as a bad thing. They don't realize just how breathtaking the view is.


I'm not Jolly, I'm just Jelly.
Sitting by the telly I got noodles in my belly.
School is really, cruel cause they don't tell it,
Cool like all the cool kinds do I guess they're relics.
And I've been very, foolish this semester,
I've been on a quest to write reviews and do the next...

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