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I was born once, torn once, scorned once reformed once
Recording rhymes till I've got sore lungs
For fun, for kicks, and for jumps
What for? I don't know if I'll get more runs

Just Sitting

I got things to do
So why am I holed up in my room
Just waiting for some thing to boom
I sit down and I think I'll move

It's thinkable it's so stupid
On the block I'm always the new kid
It won't stop till I go out and do it
Like Nike says, I'll watch my step

There aint nothing to it
I got new shoes I got to move
I got no excuse to be tubed now
I probably should get out of my room now

They say You Tube, and that's right I
Am outside now, under night sky
It took one day, and now light's off
But I'm better now than when I was

( Just sitting
Think a little thing and I drink a little gin
Just sitting
Waiting for the war just staring at a wall
Just sitting
Music in my mind and I wonder is it time
To spit it
Sitting on my chair maybe wait another year )

I got a future
And that's me so what about you sir?
Do you need a teacher or a tutor
To get you away from computers

It's a fool's verse
Maybe it's more like a fool's curse
We're YOLOing like the truth hurts
We're trolling more than the soup squad, new WADS

And I'm playing a little bit of Doom now
When I got things to do I zoom out
I delay every thing on my do list
As a last resort I use music


Don't really wanna make amends
I've been living with a fake sense
Fake in friends
I make no sense

I'm Stronger Than This

I once lived a good life but it turned on me
And I'm no longer in bliss
Clench my fists cause I still exist
But at times I just wish that

Simple things should be simple
But they turn complex when I'm confronted I'm weak!
I stand up and I walk every day
But I can barely carry the pain I'm going cra-zy

It's tearing into my brain I'm not lazy
I want to make a life but life makes ME
Tired of sacrifice tired of acting nice
Tired of being tired, what I'm trailed for every day

I'm stronger than this

I used to wake up happy but now I can barely sleep
Once I sleep I sleep deep and I barely eat
And when I wake up I don't feel like I
Should really feel cause

I'm not free
I'm caged and what cages me... is - ME!

2015¤358 (Perceive In Dreams)

I don't want to be, the only one
Who sees my dreams, in the light, that I perceive my dreams... in.

God Hjul!

God Hjul

Because Christmas can mean both Christmas and Wheel in Swedish, and Merry can mean both Good and Tasty. ;) Since today is the day we celebrate, today is the day I post this little tribute. Hope you all have a Good One! And Happy New Year soon!

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