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Week 50 - The Bug, Italian, Etc

I got the bug. Ugh. Might need some drugs. Spent Friday night fighting the fight till all seemed hopeless, yet I did cope yes... though you're barely sane or sober, till the first flow blows over.

Fell asleep at five from total exhaustion, a built-in precaution to keep me coping hoping all will be awesome. I woke up Saturday at sunrise with the worst headache of my life, but after a while... happy to be mistaken! Seems at least some was from dehydration.

I've been drinking so much water! I've been simmering in bed, in shivers, wishing I was delivering instead. Wishing I'd get this timber out my head, and my stomach fresh enough to throw some dough in, my back feels like it's broken, but on the whole I'm happy to be woke enough to throw some prose in! Again!

And even when the sun goes down my bowels barely clown around. I'm weak but out of bound of frowns. Cheery from a recent plate of savorable and brown shredded apple mound. That I gulped down. I almost feel like a Fulp now. Not super-energetic but hopeful about new grounds and settings, getting poetic, replenished as by a medic. (Wrote this part yesterday btw.)

Today I feel even better, no shivers or sweaty sweaters that make me immerse in robes. I ate a batch of shredded apple for breakfast, I was on the verge of toast. No headaches hurt my brows (read that like: Bros), I'm going from overly covert to known like a hurtful nose. Sitting by the PC again, catching up with a spurt of prose! Yessir, I'm stoked! To be back, not fully back on track but I don't slack, in fact: I slept 10 hours last night after a days lapse of rest. So overall, at the end of this trilogy of days, I feel I'll act the best. Get back to dressed. Relapse to stress.

Was supposed to be visiting old buddy Bear this weekend, instead I snuggled here in sleeping, fearing troubles deepen, happy they cleared and I dare to breath in the fresh air of evening with a flare of meaning. C'est la vie, friend. </poetree end>

The earlier portion of the week? Much better! I went to an incredible Italian dinner at four-star restaurant Nostrano with my work buddies, Christmas courtesy of my work, on Thursday... which might also have been the cause of this recent inner turmoil. I hear seashells can have such effect! Think I shall avoid those in the future. But it was a great time, so thus the verdict: even if it served such purpose it was worth it! I'll put that on the grapevine.

I renewed a contract for my other job as well; took a Christmas shopping spree while I was it. I've played some more GTA V, and though I wonder if I'll ever really memorize the city streets in this as much as I somehow managed with GTA SA, it keeps surprising me. I went out with my dog. I played tennis. I went on rampages, shot down satellite dishes and rescued a tortured soul via helicopter for the FIB. So far, so great! Even the tasks that'd be chores in real life offer plenty entertainment in Los Santos.

I speed-ran through Return to Castle Wolfenstein one more/last time as well, but otherwise I really haven't spent much time on games. Life moves at a rapid pace this time of year; on the blog I've just posted these two things, and here's last week.

Oh, and Happy St. Lucy's Day! I'ma celebrate with some mashed potatoes.

Musicalish #99

I was planning to wait until the whole Second Strangulation Cypher was out on video, and then post all of them at once. It seems that might take a while though, so here they are now! First three of the first four at least. And then a few others. It begins...


Damn, Life!

Da... x4 Damn! Damn life
I'm a live this life, get the best impression
You're never gonna stop me man cause it's my one obsession
Stress are fish nets but you can't correct a jest lest
You're late to your lesson son, better keep on stressing
Life's a guessing game, better keep on guessing
Someone I don't move to this groove, move to next one?
Fuck shit with a BFG I'm on a wrong BMP
EMP blast and leave this ash resting peacefully


Hah, may I be a getting a bit daft in the picture
Sat in the water, I saw a ripple
I'm snapping tracks till my wrists hurt
But they snap right back in this verse
I've been on one

Why am I feeling like shit in the winter... why 2x
Dry... dry your eyes


Man I tried, I really tried to be a flow setter
But I can't do double time I can do better
When I rhyme it's like I'm on trial so I better let ya know
That I flow with power, damn right majestical

Hellova prowess I have when I shower these cowards
In good words like they're the biblical hours
It's ours this world, it's not turd of the week
It's not a turd


Rodents may be daft but I'm hoping I'm more of a cat
Ready to attack to be granted a pass
To the hall of the masters yet all of my last verse was a haul of disaster..
But I'll crawl from this fad and emerge in a grand world Where all is unanswered!

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