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Rage - Quick Rerun

RAGE! A few captured visuals from the last time I played this game; probably the last time I'll play this game (I should've called this Last Run).

It was pretty fun, though a bit much grind. If you want to keep playing there's plenty of grind left when all is over too: racing, upgrading; roaming around the badlands blowing away the occasional attacker.

I do like a world full of possibilities, yet the ending here didn't tie well to the open-world perspective. It felt like the start of something. Like it was time for the next big thing to commence. Yet you can keep roaming the open world as if this next big thing never comes to be.

Maybe it'd have been a better choice on their part to either shut it down when it was all over, or to change the world, or give you at least occasional notices that there is something going down! Whether it's outside of your perspective scope in the game or not, just some feedback to show that all your previous actions were not for naught.

ID This!


Flatout Shots

Just a little grindin' gears with Flatout here. Great game.

Flat Out! Title Screen


Serious Sam - Quick Rerun

It's Serious Sam! The first encounter. I decided to speedrun the game without dying, take pictures every X seconds, and then make an elaborate post about it. This is as far as I got...

Gettin' Serious


Misc Oni Shots

Found a bunch of Oni screenshots I'd taken. What do? Post to the blog!

It's Oni!


Another Step

I'm just annoyed
I'm out of my void
I try to avoid
All kind of trouble

You think you can play
Me like a toy
All I got is destroyed
I rise through the rubble

Quit or double now
Bet you don't want to bet
Bet you don't feel upset
Bet you don't feel regret
Just another step, another step


For The World

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