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Musicalish #98

More music. Yeah!


Metro LL Preview

A glimpse into the first moments of Metro LL! Didn't get very far with this game, but it looks good. I like the intro; menu in particular. The game itself seemed to be a bit much grind, but maybe also a rewarding such. Few screenshots...

Deep Silver


Dead Island

I played a bunch of Dead Island once upon a time, but apparently didn't take many screenshots! Maybe I'd have posted a more thorough batch of these if I kept going, if I actually completed my grand adventure.

I planned to play as all characters, and then play them again, and hoard items till the point where the game lost its charm. But, that was all before I was made aware of the save file corruption bug in the version I was playing. I didn't know such a serious issue existed until... you guess it, my savefile corrupted. I had taken my time time with the game too: collected, killed (not to mention died) countless times, and accumulated a wealth of grand stats and possessions at this point, and I was almost at the end of my adventure! But when all of that just disappeared I lost interest.

Until that point however, it was a great game. A tropical island paradise with a twist; vicious bloodsucking colonies roaming the dunes of sand. Here's a few screencaps from my very initial phases of the game:



Inside Out (2015)

Inside Out (2015)

Pixar are at it once again, this time animating the figurations of a mind! A young mind - that of a 12 year old girl to be exact. We get to follow her both in real life a little, but more often we are in her psyche, exploring her imagination and memory. There really is a lot going on in there! The cast of characters consist of primarily Joy, but also Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. And then some.

It's a creative approach to a complex topic: the mind. And although there is plenty of fantasy involved it all makes sense, it´s a journey of logic, but without the limitations thereof. The whole spectrum of emotion is present in more than one sense, the animation and voice acting¨s powerful and clear, and the adventure: is fantastic! It feels so fresh compared to all the superficial ideas we've been seeing on screen lately. Great animated movie for all ages.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

The new Hitman movie was... confusing. They've already told 47's tale before, but now it's a new story. It's not like the games (the little that I've played anyway). It's something new. It seems similar to the second Resident Evil movie. Looks awesome, but it feels like it's just selling via the franchise name. It's Hitman no longer.

That said, it was good. Clean. Professional. Rupert Friend plays the new 47 convincingly, Hannah Ware the unexpected partner (plot twist expected) and Zachary Quinto the enemy who... can't really keep up after all.

The villainy is never really convincing. It all feels out of atmosphere. Too clean. Too different. Not even the violence felt violent. Well, I'm starting to rant again... as an action movie: it was good! As Agent 47, it's a loose end.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


We knew too much now our coup blew up
We're all soup you youths can't even kill a rude flush

( We all live a lie get by and try to hide
Inside this night, isn't it time to slay the night?
Make way for light, ignite this fire and I will find a place in time
Rebuild our body around the base of this straining spine )

There is no truth in the universe, I find
The truth it hurts, rhymes don't, acute or curved!
Fly high in the sky and jump with a chute of words
Chew some tuna first do some Yoga brew some Yogi get it over with

For whatever way it's bearing, I'm nearing the clearing...

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