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And The Snow Melts

Don't you know the sunrise don't touch me,
Don't reach into the darkness of my soul.
The light within my darkness is a sliver, never whole,
And never will it let me let it go. Deliver.
Control. It's just another word for brain washing...
With a whoooole lot of soap.
Don't go! Don't tell me there's no vague option,
That lets you... well... you know.
Like you're omniscient. You are when I feel blind.
And deep inside, you always read my mind.
And lead me by, the ravines deep and dark.
Only when I'm weary I grow stark. Raving. Mad.
Clad in rags, but riches come to those who wait.
Don't be late. I write with a tip of felt.
And the snow melts.

Romero's Back! Weeks, Works; Mint/Coriander

Week 3, 2016. I was going to post something about /img/4/The-New-Doom-WAD-580x666.png">this at the start of the week, but didn't have time to try it out as soon as I heard about it. If for some reason you don't feel like clicking that link to view the image it leads to: Romero's back! After 21 years, he's put out a new level for Doom - a reinterpretation of the boss fight on the first episode (E1M8).

I played the level a couple days ago, got lost, got killed, found my way, started over, survived, and finally: beat it! It's a difficult level even on regular difficulty - especially if you jump into it with no extra weapons equipped (weapons you would have if you did play it as the final level in the episode). But, according to Romero it can be played fine as is, which should hold true for all original DooM levels. It adds to the challenge; time you get to enjoy/be aggravated by it.

The level's nicely designed, with plenty of variation, and some neat tricks like a platform with hidden Imps/Shotgun guy that's hidden right in your field of view until you hit a certain switch. There are plenty of similar surprises, and traps, but what's a good level without a challenge? I wasn't expecting to play any DooM this week, but when the main man who made this whole franchise puts out a new level there's not much else you can do! Good play.

I have a bunch of other screencaps I haven't gotten around to posting, like /img/4/42-Day-Streak.png">this to commemorate my 42 day streak at 750 Words. (I'm up at 69 days now.) Or /img/4/Happy-2016-Bob.png">this personalized New Year greeting on FB I was planning to write a rant about. Once time passes and the topics are no longer relevant they get difficult to post about though, no longer as compelling to scribe on. So there, now they're somewhere.

In news of context: I decided to switch up these weekly posts a bit. Less numbers in titles; more focus on the topics at hand. Maybe that way I'll break free from preconceived notions of what each week should contain, too. When I think a passed week, I currently think work. I think of routine. I think: yet another week. Maybe I didn't always think this way, but even if I did I shouldn't think this way. There's more to talk about than that! Right? It'll be a lot harder to tag these posts when the titles don't contain the topics for which they're to be tagged, but otherwise I think the lack of standardized weekly titles will be a refreshing change for all of us. Feel free to leave a hundred comments if you dis or agree.

So, the week? It's been work. Mostly. A little (too much) movies. A little gaming. A board-game get-together with a good buddy on Thursday, and this weekend... just blazed by! My sleeping habits are as of today messed up, again, since I ate almost a whole bottle of spicy Mint/Coriander sauce recently, and didn't consider the consequences. It was tasty. But now, I realize yet again that my stomach and me share a very fragile symbiosis in which great consideration must be taken as to what I feed it. And thus, I'm on a diet again. Mild foods. Preferably nothing fried or overly salty, or sugary, no coffee, and definitely no Mint/Coriander sauce!

I'm feeling a bit tired today. Down. The winter sky is gray and airy. The morning walk was refreshing and long, but the snow is watering away; the breeze is moist with afternoon haze. I'm in a mood for activities that require little thought, like, medal games. Maybe a few of those will follow after this post. On the blog I've posted 6 reviews, this and this. Here's last week. Until next time; an intended utterly uplifting stretch of days!

The Best Way To Save Money...

The best way to save money is to act broke.


Oh, so, the day passed, day passed, day passed, day past, less of yesterday's last, less of lesser days lass. Days pass, face past, get a move on: slay that! Doubt. If you dive in, you'll find a way.



When did I run out rhythm,
When did I run out of style!
I guess it's the way that I'm living,
And it's been this way for a while,
I guess I'm not in a position,
Where I can just lay down and smile,
And focus on getting and giving,
My focuses get up and pile.

When did I run out of reason,
When did I run out rhyme?
Surely it must the season,
Winter it has me confined,
I feel like I'm in a building,
I feel I'm just sitting at home,
Sitting here like a big villain,
My office chair is my throne.

My office here is a tomb,
Run out! Get out! Snowball!
Just recently it was: don't we all fall!
Now it's: spring up and go ball!
And go crazy, go faceless, blowtorch!
A tunnel right through your own porch!
The summer sun it had my throat scorched,
Now I just hole my hope in these smoked walls,
Running out of rations, creations, contemplating,
How late I really wake up if I stay up till late and,
Make something worth rating, maybe make something worth making,
Maybe the longer I go on, the better stuff with less mistakes in I'm making,
And there aint no mistaking that long as you linger you'll plate out a cloud of creations,
But children. Just write; never run out of rhythm.

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