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The Grudge 2 (2006)

The Grudge 2 (2006)

It starts with a flashback. Schoolgirls. And the character from the original, and her sister, and sudden death... you'd think! But that's just the introductory scare. Fear, is bound to be waltzing through the hallways soon again. The house, is back.

Though I don't remember the original much at this point, it feels very reminiscent somehow, the same thing all over again, but with a new twist; more characters involved. Two separate timelines running parallel through the movie, following two different sets of characters, though that might not be entirely clear until the very end. Overall it was nicely directed. Creepy, but not really scary. Occasionally corny acting. Some cool effects. Not bad, but not one of the greatest scary movies out there. I imagine the first, and first and foremost the originals, are on a whole other level!

 rated 3/5: not bad

I've Never Met A Strong Person...

I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.


I remember a while ago I wrote a poem, about twenty.
Twenty long years, look how they disappeared...
Look how much I've spent beat.
Just sitting by the box in my sentry.
Guns outbound, shields up... feeling empty.
But time it waits for no man, it's a no mans land!
I live life like I a nomad am, just traveling...
Unraveling new thoughts; new paths to travel on.
Someday I'll reach my Babylon. Some day.

Some sunny day where the shade is a few degrees settling,
I bet on my outlet to get me there,
Even if all it is is venting.
I spent my summer days sitting indoors by the window, sipping gin no,
Just looking outside giving my mind a pencil, to bend prose.

I've been dope.
I feel I've been better, it's getting suspenseful.
I wonder how far I can get - if betterment sets - and all my utensils.
My brain, my mouth, my body I own but don't really hone,
In my broken home, a joke on a bone,
How long will they last, and are they meant to?
I rent a slice of life, and I guess my rent's due.
But I get high on wise advice, I feel I was lent shoes,
I feel like they told me to walk: and I started walking.
But where and when to?

When will my outlook be the sent views I see,
On postcards, in dreams; a meaning I cannot send you.
Will I then do, all the things to a new purpose serve?
A richer verse, if I was richer, if new perks emerge would I immerse in verse?
Would I go all out, no more stall: doubt.
No more fallout, no more falling out,
Pouting on laws that make my gall cloud.
No more nauseating nervousness or anxiety that quietens me when I want to ball!
But I'm not the only one with a dream.
I'm only one of us all.

Is my dream worth more to me, is it worth enough that I'll reach it?
Life's an orange a plum a peach tree, life's a beach. Life is easy.
Life is what you MAKE IT. Whether or not you make it it's all your call,
And maybe fate does have a play but you: You are your wall.

And my wall is tall, my wall is blatant... my wall is sacred.
My wall I don't touch, I don't try to budge, I bow to its greatness.
I made my wall blameless, I made it a God in my world, but it's not all that I've heard,
If I don't want to climb it... maybe I should just crawl through the dirt.
Emerge, from a world of hurt into a surf of Earth.
You heard it first, a long time before I'll wake up to my calling.
I'm climbing, I'm flying, I'm trying, I'm stalling.
My wall thins. I'm crawling. I'm all in.
Wall E. I'll maul thee.

Black & Gray

So much negativity!!
I'm living, but it's killing me!
I want to be the realest.
How real can I really be?
I want to be wise,
And do stuff with my life,
And if I ever rise into the skies when something dies within me,
Look down and feel like swirling smoke slowly rising through a chimney,
And if I don't cough or go soft, feel like whatever's in me is on the up and up,
If that doesn't get me down, I don't know this stuff enough.
Like negatives. I'm sorting through the box, all day
Black and gray.

So Lazy

I've been working whole ace.
I've been going hard.
Fire like a furnace.
I just want to burn this.
Glow off you slimy tenders.
Pretenders like you're pretty.
Behead you in your splendors.
Try find my oasis.
I keep going places
Seeing mountains fishes faces
Seeing bitches bitches bitches
But not bitches getting stitches.
They all just go with BOTOX®.
Fake faces under gold locks.
I don't even wear whole socks.
But I'll give you a face lift!
I'll get your head racing!
I'll make you drop your jaw in awe,
I'll take your MIND places.
I'll make your life stunning.
I'll get your nose running.
This is the spice of life see,
This is the cold a bum has every Monday.
Mundane days,
Mundane days,
Mundane days,
I just run... I want to run way...
Way away.
Mundane days,
Mundane days,
Way away,

I could fly!...
But I'm solacesee.

Week 2 - Back & Work

It's been another hectic week! I just returned from a trip to Djursholm, where we visited some relatives, ate pizza, home-made ice-cream (in three flavors); had a good time. The pinnacle of yesterday was a good walk with a buddy, and most of the week days have been occupied with work, and other projects, a few of them already past deadline.

I feel my priorities are slipping. I'm not procrastinating, but I'm picking up more things than I can finish (in time). I started the New Year with a boost of ambition, but not time enough to fulfill. Life is good though, rolling at a steady pace, providing both the arduous necessity for feelings of accomplishment, and plenty of efficient entertainment! I can't beat HarryJarry's pace of 1 movie/day, but this past week it's been at least one every other. Hope to get back to posting reviews soon, though for now, I'll be just a Watcher.

I came back from a cool holiday in Östersund on Monday, which the post of last week details. Here's the lot of this week's posts. The blog's off to a slow start, but hopefully it'll pick up soon. Until then; next stretch of days! I'm off to project.

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