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For All The Days I Stray

For all of the days I stray,
I've been making haste,
I've been chasing after,
My own place in space,

If it's not the world,
Wheres there space for me,
Should I race to Mars?
Does it taste to breath?

Lately life is tasteless.
Life has lost its taste.
I look inside my mirror.
And I see just a face.

Lately I'm evasive.
I contemplate my place.
I contemplate existence.
I guess it's just a phase.

For all the days I stray,
Yes I've been making haste,
There's so much on my tray,
But none of it does taste.

I don't know if it's me,
This cool and groovy dude.
Or if it is my food,
That puts me in this mood...

Lately I've been shady,
Lately I've been grave.
Lately I don't know if I am here
Or far away.

Lately I've been jaded,
Lately I've been brave.
Lately I'm still going on
With promises I've made.

For all the days I stray,
I know you'll know the tone,
I'll make you feel at home,
With poetry and prose.

That's oh so monotone,
Like waiting on the phone,
With just a mono tone,
That never stops to say:

"No I'm not at home" or "Leave you message at the beep."
So you can let the phone play, and lull yourself to sleep.
If they don't ever pick up, you'll know they never were, really there,
But you'll never, really, know where.

For all the days I stray,
In a place, far away.
I wonder,
I wonder where is dear.

I wonder about air.
If it lasts alright?
Or runs out, in the middle,
Of the night.

But I have air to spare!
I can breath all year!
And even then it never leaves me
With a croak to die.

And I have lies to spare,
I'll stick to them all year,
Even though I say I never lie,
It holds a price.

But that's just my disguise.
I wish I, like my principles, were unviced.
I wish I was as nice as I made seem,
But nice is just a dream.

Nice is what you had,
Until you wake up and realize,
That the nice you felt inside no longer feels!
And what does this all mean?

Nice is what you say when you say trifles.
Nice is what you say when you have nothing.
Nothing left to say! Is there nothing, nothing left today?
But the vices and our life that is in vain?

Vanity is frail.
Vanity is planted in our grail. Vanity is candid, but we fail.
We fail to tell the difference from candy and our kale.
It goes to say, how little taste we hail.

But life has its own way! Life is like a knife inside your sail.
And every time the wind blows, it rips up, and in folds,
And never goes away, so even with this wind!
You never blow away!

You race less, when tasteless, this place lets, just face it, and wade.
Through these tasteless days.
Until our buds spring up like a blaze flood,
That washes all stale mud away!

Yes, we prevail.

Yes we set stitches in our sails,
And reinforce the fabric with a rail,
And row our boat, or tow our boats with whales!
And never let things get in our way!

For all the days I stray.

Epiphanies Aint Shit To Me

Superbowl is just a bunch of hyperbole,
I see you smile, cloaked,
Blow your nose like I provoke, yolks,
You've just barely hatched, you're clearly matched.
But no match for me! Not nearly! Flee!
Or I swear I'll catch.
I play catch with little chickens,
I rip em, stick my knife in em like mittens.
I'm fed up with these Feds, I'm hacking the feeds,
I'm little but living, I tackle my needs,
I'll begone and bigots no others begin to dread...
Apathy, the living be dead, heheheh...
Laugh with a croaked cackle! Float backwards, stack all,
I've hacked in packs with these black daggers!!
I'll make no amends. I make no amens. The last who laughs lacks all -
Sense! Ahem. But it's a twisted word, I'm with all and with all friends,
Here's a notion you won't comprehend:
What goes backwards... goes around the bend.

Cling On Like Klingons

Cling on like Klingons! Wage a war. But can you cage us more? Can you live on, like minions, of vagrant hordes? With warlord swords. Just taking all. Just rake these lands like your lake is poor. It's full of fish, you could lay your swords, just play some ball. Is chase your call? Your case and fall? Like you're a dumb lawyer and your dates a fraud who wants to launder your money as a great facade, but I could care less bout how you play as Gods! I rebel, cause I'm the Cyberdevil.

The Golden Rule

He who has the gold makes the rules.

Genius. :D

Week 53 - New Year's Here

Week 53. Last week of the year, and first week of the new one! Shouldn't this count as Week 1? :)

Well, I figured out what to do for Project 2016: Anything I want! Anything creative. One piece of creativity per day, all year through. Sound flexible enough for ya? I'm hoping it'll keep me enjoying these creative endeavors all the way. Never getting bored. Never feeling a need to change commitment as to which content form I focus on... without being able to. First piece, and introduction, is up here. And since it's January 3 already, so are the following two. I seem to be getting into a pattern of image/words/image... let's see how long I keep that going voluntarily.

I posted six movies just now. A few I've watched just recently; a few I watched during the past week. The latter two were the Star Trek ones this weekend. Why am I watching Star Trek movies; ones I've previously seen to boot? Because I'm hyped for the new Star Wars, maybe? Inspired? With a newly attained interest in deep space exploration? I'm guessing there'll be a lot of space movies this year. Though it seems they've been a trend for a few years already. If there was at least a chance the trend might've died down, there's close to no chance now. Not unless all movie producers realize their ideas are specks of sand to the grandeur of the Lucas Art realm and abandon their prestigeful dreams to go cower in a corner, tormented by thoughts of inferiority and anguish. Well, let's hope that never happens.

I watched Kingsman - The Secret Service (2014) again as well, but I already wrote a review for that one. Let me just say: it's still awesome! I'm happy the trend for action just keeps growing, year by year, each new quick flick more awesome than the last.

In other news... there really isn't much to parley about on topic of the last few days. I posted my last weekly post of last year mid-week, since that's when the year ended, and thus this introductory edition of the Grand New 2016's weekly posts boasts very little content. And an odd title for a post supposed to be #1. Well, I've posted a review for last year, a New Year post, and if you want to jump back to last year you can do so here.

The weekend's been one with too little exercise, too much food, a little more gaming and frantic last-minute catching up on collabs, and other things, and tomorrow: work begins again. The New Year didn't start quite as efficiently as I hoped, but it didn't start badly either. I'm sticking true to my routines and resolutions so far; trying to calm down. The less you stress, the more you get done! The more breaks you take, the longer you can keep going. Until next week! And finally, one final time: Happy New Year.

Mesrine Part 1: Killer Instinct (2008)

Mesrine Part 1: Killer Instinct (2008)

This was a killer movie. A movie about a killer. A real bad ass who roamed France and America during the sixties, and together with a select group of friends robbed banks, escaped prisons, and even came back to those same prisons and attempted to bust out a few more people. Just cause.

Mesrine was reckless, fearless, arrogant and aggressive, but he wasn't stupid. He was smart, and caring to a select few, and he held his friends above all. He didn't stop for anyone, and though this movie almost portrays him as a good guy, we know early on that it's not a movie with a good ending. First minute of the film shows what his fate had in store for him at the end, how we was gunned down, sitting in his car, smiling, his girlfriend beside him. He's dead. And then, we learn his story.

It's not action all the way , but it's always intense, a crazy ride across continents, in and out of prison, from bars to behind bars to guns and explosives, and though those close to him keep dying, Mesrine just pushes on. This is part one of a two part movie, and so far it's keeping me interested. I don't know if it's based upon a true story or not, but it feels true, like a gritty, angry, angled documentary about what might have been one of the most vicious villains of the sixties and seventies. Public enemy #1: Mesrine.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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