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I Missed A Puddle

I was really hovering on my bike this morning, effortlessly, on my way to work, enjoying the sunshine and dark asphalt roads finally cleared of both snow and gravel. It seemed like Spring was finally here, at least for the day, and my thoughts drifted.

I had a rare moment of pure bliss just gliding along. Was too warm for a hat, so I took it off. Gloves too. Had to open my jacket a bit. Then roll up my sleeves. And put the sunglasses in the basket, because for some reason they keep chilling your eyes when the wind flows around them. I crossed the street, to a shortcut through the woods, where the gravel was still loose, and was rolling down a soft Earthy slope under canopies of filtered sunlight, looking out for grooves in the road when, damn, there it was, a big one, right in front of me.

There was no time to brake, so I just maneuvered a bit to the left to avoid it, but maybe I leaned a bit too much to the right in the process, and maybe there was just too much gravel. My front tire lost traction, and before I could react I was on my side, surfing on the dirt and stone, my right arm and left hand on the ground, and the first thing I realized when I came to a halt was: damn, my pants were dirty.

The contents of the basket were strewn around, my shades were bent, the basket was bent, and my right arm was coated with mud and gravel. My left hand was bleeding profusely, the skin scraped clean on a patch of the pad. I had some water with me, so I tried flushing away the worst of it, and I had one tiny band-aid in my backpack, which I wrapped around one finger with a worryingly ugly-looking crater under the joint, and I had some tissues in my pocket so I wedged those inbetween my jacket sleeve and arm. I was surprisingly calm and collected at this point, wondering if I should go to work anyway, or get this checked out, or turn around and go home.

I stopped an old man with a dog and asked if they had some health center nearby, and he pointed me in the right direction. So, I made my way there, showed them my skin - or lack thereof, and was soon lying comfortably on a bunk while they brushed away the gravel with soap and water as well as they could.

It still didn't look very refreshing. One wondered if I had taken my tetanus shots, which I do think I have, though it was all a long long time ago. I wondered if I should call home to check, but they didn't seem too preoccupied once they'd started cleaning the wounds. They weren't too deep, they said. They didn't clean that one crater I had on that one finger barely at all, though I wondered if it was a cause for worry, and until I came home and cleaned it up some more it was throbbing and hurting all over. He said it'll probably get infected, and then the body will just take care of the rest and flush out any remaining dirt. Somehow, I imagined hospitals were a bit more pedantic about hygiene.

It was over before I knew it though. They asked me if I had any pain in my neck or back, and then let me go. I cycled to work with a pretty sore body, sat there a while, and then cycled back home with an even sorer one, and have since been Googling tetanus shots and dirty wounds, wondering if I should go to work tomorrow at all or get this checked out.

Turns out Tetanus is a pretty serious thing. Also turns out I did have a tetanus shot when I was small, and it supposedly lasts for 30 years. According to the booklet, however, it only lasts for 10, and according to Google you should really get a boost every five years if you think you need one.

That had me spooked a while. It still does. I'm starting to feel stiff all over, and in somewhat related news it looks like I'll be getting the biggest bruise ever on the side of my right thigh. I didn't have any trouble walking before, but it's becoming a bit painful now. The wounds sting and throb, and looking back I might have been just a bit too rash on that road. I can't remember the last time I had road rash, but last time I'm sure it was nothing like this, just some scrubs and bruises. I'm heavier now. Biking in winter gives you the benefit of a soft landing too, drifts of snow and polished ice that don't tear you up on the outside. And sleeves.

Moral of the story: if there's ever a puddle in your way, just go right through.

Musicalish #109

Big things going on in the music world! Funk Volume has disbanded. Chris Rivers is in a game. Otto lost his wallet (you'll need to click some links to read more about that), and Karmin is... still great. Yeah! Music. And it all starts with Ill Mind...


Week 10 - A Running Start

Alternatively: Surprise Visits & Busy!

Back in the day I watched a lot of anime, and maybe that's what kept me motivated back then. I've started again. I started with Musaigen no Phantom World and Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! earlier last week, and this Sunday I picked up Prince of Stride - Alternative. It feels like this is just the one I need to get motivated right now.

I could've posted this on Monday, I had the time, but for some reason I decided to wait. Same reason I didn't work on a Flash I was planning to continue with today, or respond to old emails and messages, or record a bit for a potential collab. Instead, I played through most of the Easy campaign on Resident Evil 4 (HD), again, and caught up on the latest episodes of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!. I needed something more, and at random I settled for this. And now I've stretched - loosened up my limbs as if in preparation for some grand event, and before I drift to sleep, because the time is not right to take a run, I'm writing down this weeks blog post for tomorrow. (Meaning I wrote this on Monday.)

Ideas on how to get in shape are swirling through my mind. Should I go jogging before work? Can I take the bike one station before I get on the train? Will I be totally exhausted the rest of the day, or invigorated by this unusual momentum? I've got my healthy diet - three weeks in and running, but I need something more.

Maybe it's no coincidence I settled for this anime after watching this particular Parkour flick on Youtube. I don't mean coincidence as in fate. I mean I saw the cover image and I ran with it, but it was a good choice. It's definitely the wrong time for it, but I am (and trying not to) get fired up tonight. I'ma run! And I'ma post this the day after, I thought, but then I checked a few reviews for this particular anime I was so inspired by, and was made aware it's an otome anime, meaning the intended audience is female. And people didn't like it. For some reason that had me stall a bit, but what the hell, people didn't like Air Master either and I still hold it as one of the greatest fighting animes of all times. It's a good anime. People better start appreciating it!

Well, the week: it all begun with work. Two days work, and then one day free, and on that fateful day my big bro called and wondered if it'd be OK for his son/my nephew to come on up for the weekend. Plus Friday. And suddenly, my free day wasn't so free anymore! I spent it trying to catch up on projects I'd planned to easily finish this weekend, and come Thursday night (after another dose of work) my dad picked him up at the airport, and our intense sessions of late-night gaming (board games, mostly, and some Worms World Party) begun. We played some table tennis behind an elementary school on Saturday, and soaked in a rare dose of summer-like sunshine. It was a good time.

Sunday was a gloamy day, full of clouds, and come nightfall the house was kinda... empty. When it's alive, it feels too alive. But when it's quiet, you wish it could liven up just a bit more. Which is probably why I delved into entertainment rather than into the tasks I should be working on, and kept going till this one anime set me free! But then, stuff came in the way, and now I'm finishing this blog way late anyway.

I was going to write bout a burnt-out car wreck on a nearby parking too. We heard the explosion around midnight, and then walked by on a morning walk. The windows had exploded. All that was left was a burnt out shell, black and orange, and on one wheel a tire - miraculously unaffected by the flames. The air felt a bit eerie on that morning walk; especially since we live so close by. It's not the first time a car burns on this particular parking, but it was a while since last time. It's that time again huh?

Overall, it's been a pretty good week! Here's last week and this, and yes, it did receive funding! After a couple of days with still over a third of the total funds remaining, they pulled through with just two hours to spare! :D Kickstarter's an exciting place, and I'm pretty hyped up about this one project, and then some. Till next week.

Parkour 2016

Everytime I need some inspiration, this is the type of content I turn to. Get out and run! Live! Have fun! Meaning is what you make it.

Bedded & Bold

Oh my,
I, me! My own guy,
Decided something tonight.
That if the light is on: the light is much too bright.
And if I should wake up at the soundly morning beep -
I better shut the light and go to sleep.

I Don't Know Why I Wrote This Like A Poem

A poem with my pen.

What's wrong with this fucking pen?
This whole pen is just fucking broken.
I sharpened it like four times,
And each time a piece of led went lose.
I popped them off and put them in my drawer,
And sharpened up the pen again,
And the tip turned out OK this time,
Though the surface is still slightly flat,
But not entirely even,
So if you press it flat and write,
It writes with double edges.
With the right amount of pressure,
You can have one line slightly thicker than the other,
As if it's a highlight,
Or you traced a thin line with a thicker point,
And it sounds a bit raspy when you write.
It's pretty cool.
I haven't written a full page with a pencil like this in ages,
It's pretty fun!
It tames me back to school,
Days I remember with a shimmer of nostalgia,
Only in their most positive light,
And I know that when people look back at their school days,
And say it was better then,
It's only because that's the part they remember.
Even embarrassing moments are only truly embarrassing in the moment, or right after.
But those are the parts I remember too,
Though I remember there was more to it than that.
My handwriting could use some school too.
I don't know why I call this pencil a pen, as if it was an abbreviation.
I think I'll sharpen it again.

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