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Otherwise? Lifewise

Tomorrow's a new day. Yesterday's an old day. Today is ongoing.

The train is long. The flights are short. Our life is timeless.

The printers jam. The scanners hack. The games they lag.

But life is great. And I look back. And I am glad.

Fractured Haiku

An unlucky day
But only in number (s)
Will everything count

Shame, Go Away

Writhe inside, I'm not obliged,
I'll take my time, get high on life,
You roam around, inside my soul,
The times you give: a grueling no.

But I don't like that answer!!
I wish you'll get cancer!!
I wish it eats you up!!
And gets you out of me,

I don't like your notion!!
I want to be open!!
I don't care how much you try,
I'll be me, I'll defy,

Writhe inside, you petty vile,
Being I, don't accept,
Don't allow, I object,
To objects in my soul...
That just want to control...
I'll get you out you know.
I'll make you cry for hope!
I'll choke you like a rope!!

Cause I don't like your answer!!
I wish you'll get cancer!!
I wish that it eats you up!!
And gets you out of me,

I don't like your notion!!
I want to be open!!
I don't care how much you try,
I'll be me, I'll defy,

All the times you try to make me like to lie.
Like to live in my denial, like to see the world in black and gray,
And never tackle days, sit in shackles caged, until I waste away -
I won't let you play your game, go away, shame, go away.


I feel OK!
My room is large, my reel of shame.
Is all but tall, it's all a wall,
I feel the bane. I feel the bane.

So why don't we just party all day every day and forget all of the heavy rays that forfeit what we like to call our night?
Why don't we get started. Grab the chips and get the barber, have him shave away some ice while we cool down and be nice.

I feel OK!
My room is big, my house is airy.
I feel I'm thinking clearly, I feel I hit a wall,
I bumped my head, I had a fall.

So why don't we all lie down and just writhe around and rest up and confess stuff and till next time I'll be ready to stand tall?
Kill you all with all my ideas that are right here in this hall: this grand place within my dome, I drift away, I'm always home.

I feel OK!
My mind's fresh!
It went its own way,
I liked it less.

But it don't matter,
I won't break,
I'm so fed up,
On my mistakes.

I feel. OK?

I Wish I Knew Her Name

I wish I knew who I was...
I wish I wasn't lost,
Running in circles,
Like a wasp around a cross.
The latest buzz - Hot Fuzz is here!
Go get your stuff.

I saw a lot of deleted scenes,
I looked behind the scenes,
I heard their violent screams,
I heard them laugh and shout,
Let all their passion out and wrath and doubt... just drift away,
Better days when you drift around the bay,
Or pass by a hitchhiker and give him a lift to...
Wherever's home.

Walking down the roads of the unknown,
Shadows loam.
Looking in the rear view but I see no past, it's pitch black,
Even if I turned now I couldn't look back.
Like I'm a train I'm stuck on this track,
And whatever's past is past.
All that I have's regret, and these tracks they patted out,
How many do I have still left?

I can't retract my steps.
Walking through the dunes, but I have no oasis left,
Somebody poisoned my water supply!
I see my tracks at the crossroads.
Swim in the pond like a lost toad.
This road looks old like a lost joke.
I don't get the point.
I don't see the signs.
I always was... out of line.

But is my mind really something to search for?
I surf through life, I give advice,
I sit and ponder on a dirt floor.
Looking up at skies, letting them sink in,
The stars of tradition, so far they are a religion seems to sink in,
Synonymous with inner piece I see the sinners leave.
I don't grieve but I've been appeased, I grin with ease.
I look at the road and see splinters fly as the cars go by,
Cars go by, cars go by. I'm sitting far from the cars.
Just looking at the stars tonight.

I look into my pain.
And it all looks so strange.
It's easy, the strain leaves me...
I wish I knew her name.


Overload Underfunded

Just a day left, and about a hundred thousand dollars... wonder if this thing will make it.

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