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Don't Be Shellfish

Don't be selfish,
Just cause everyone else is,
Don't lock yourself away,
Like a shellfish.

Don't be selfish,
Just cause everyone else is,
Don't lock yourself away,

Taste That

I have a soft spot at the tip of my tongue, in the middle,
I fiddle with it till it feels numb.
If only it would stop, this mere dot, with it's riddle,
How do you overcome: that one?

The dot sticks out and it rubs the wrong way!
Every time it's rubbed it feels like a long plague,
It stings! It hurts! It throbs! A lot!
All this from just a little dot.

It won't break or budge, this bristled blister blush, this bitter little taste bud stuff. Taste that.


Right now I write, because in a moment,
I might just be quite, and zone out and zone in,
The light's a bit bright, I close Win and go in
To dreamstates and feel great and we make all these shapes IN OUR MINDS!
But we find, that not even our blinds can keep out the sun -
Not even upset can keep out the fun.
Not for all that's left will I doubt my run.
Stumble stumble stumble till I find the one.
The one step I can take that no regret can shake up,
Break up, we live in a land without earthquakes.
But it won't hurt faith to take just a little make-up,
And cake up your face. Because how you spend your days:
Whether you have time to: what you do defines you!
And now it's too late. Do I let my dues await my wake or do I climb through?
The recessions you only get from deep sleep. I think I'll squeal glee.
And be great, and re:greet the day. Save the sequel: for some other fray.

Week 9 - Museums & Miscellanea

Another week passed by fast. Four out of five aint bad (work days), and I've booked a flight to visit my big bro (and co) this Easter today. I mean I booked the flight today. Easter's in three weeks.

This Friday I went to a museum - the first of probably a few to follow now that entrance fees have been temporarily vanquished up in here, and here's a couple of random topics I probably won't get around to making individual posts for in almost excessively concise form:

I learned a new word: alighting. It means to get off the train. How often is that actually used? On that topic: I haven't used Miscellanea since middle school. Pop quizzes were the shiznits fo rizzle. Good times.

I opened up a NameCheap hosting account recently, and ran into this weird issue: I uploaded my files, imported my database, and tried to access my site. Internal Server error. PHP limits were OK. Resource usage OK. I tried checking plugins, themes, the .htaccess file, and all you could possible check (including Google) before I found my Error Logs (apparently they were accessible via Cpanel only) and realized: CHMOD was the problem. All files were 664, so I switched to 644, and it worked! Quirk of the server, or does Namecheap explicitly not allow permissions higher than 644? Unless they stumble upon this post we may never know.

On the blog I've posted some more thoughtful stuff this week, and music, and here's last week, and that's pretty much... all I have to say. I wish time was abundant. I wish I had droves of it, and could just dive in and swim around and savor the sensation, and with that I mean I'm in short supply and time is nigh to say Goodbye for the day, so as we so ironically say in Sweden: Hey.

(Ironic because 1) We say Hey both in greeting and parting, and 2) Even when intended as parting, it'll be read as a greeting in the language of writing.)

No movie reviews this week btw, but I am currently embarking into the old wonky universe of Star Trek - from a time when special effects really were special, and in parallel to that I'm rediscovering the Batmen of ancient times. That'll be something to write about. And Cloud Atlas. I'll see yall next week.

Giving Shits

Who gives a shit? I mean literally, why would you give a shit? That insult is just wrong. It's a compliment. I for one am very happy when people don't give me shit. And I won't give a shit either. Just putting that shit out there.

Assassination Classroom (2015)

Assassination Classroom (2015)

I finished watching the first season of the Assassination Classroom today, and it was pretty great! Plenty of killing going on. Well, plenty of attempts. Plenty of trying to kill a tentacle teacher that just won't be done in - no matter what they do. It's a hate-love relationship.

As with most of these slice of life school day shows it all ends at a resort, but not really the normal kind of resort - this time it's an all for one grand assassination attempt. Of course, they don't manage to kill their teacher, and a new semester starts, a semester of life and death in the Assassination Classroom!

I started watching this show sporadically, but these last couple of days I just couldn't give it up. And now it's done. First season. More fun than I'd expected, and I'm really growing to like some of the main characters too. Will pick up season two in a year or two, whenever it's airing is over; I can marathon through it in peace. Great fun so far.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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