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Looking, Booking, Tickets

I was supposed to book a flight,
Two days ago but stall I did,
I'm looking at the prices now,
And like a kite they all caught wind!

They're so high up I wonder if,
I'll take the plane or take the train,
And if I take the latter then,
I wonder if I'll tame my brain?

Cause there's this fear I have of trains,
Of feeling ill and sitting backwards,
Sweating, thinking of motivating song,
I can never remember exact words.

Like it's night it's a black Earth!
When I'm sitting on the train - on strong terrain,
And the faster and faster it goes,
The faster I reel my bane.

But planes are a whole other story,
Air, no fear, so clear, no worry!
Just floating up in the sky so bright,
And if we crash... well what is life?

The take-off's exciting - the turbulence tense,
Peaceful or not I take turns with suspense!
But with trains, my brain is so hopelessly dense!
It's just something I cannot restrain.

So should I take this ticket,
Or tame my fear of trains.

Musicalish #108

Time for something different! AMVs and Vocaloid. Yeah. Double edition.


To The Mediterranean

I went to the Mediterranean Museum yesterday, a small place in central Stockholm baked into the middle of what seems like a regular residential area. On the inside it's all but regular though, with marble pillars and floors, old carved sinks and sculptures and other decor, dark wooden stairs and a roof high enough to fit at least three stories of regular apartments.

Some exhibits were located in what seemed like a vault, the doors thick, with small gauges and collages of bolts and nuts so intricate we probably spent more time looking at the doors than any specific part of the exhibit. That, and the large LCD touch screens they had in the crypt to explore various layer of fabrics and bone on an entombed mummy, and the mirror trick which had one triangle of Terracotta figures looking like an entire square. If it hadn't been for a small seam between the mirror wall and ceiling there would've been nothing there to break the illusion. Even the dividing seam between the two halves of this large wall seemed to float like a thin pillar amidst this army of clay.

The exhibits led past a few island-specific figurines, arrow heads, etc, down to the depths of Egypt, to their accomplishments and fascinations with death and herbs and foods and stone figures of Gods and games. The store sold small trinkets like Ushabty, stone figures that were traditionally placed in graves to give the dead protection in whatever life came after. Unlike most of the merch, these particular figurines weren't that expensive, though you were supposed to place 365 of them in the grave - one for each day of the year. I wonder if anyone in modern time has given that a try. It seems kinda... nice. Even if I don't believe I like the gesture; I wouldn't mind having a few hundred Ushabty follow me into the depths whenever it's time to depart. They had some nice traditions back then.

The whole upper area of the museum was a cafe, and until we discovered the run-on vault corridor that led off to Egypt it seemed like the cafe was the bigger part of the museum. The Baghdad Cafe it was called. Glass cases of exotic relics divided the seats along a terrace lining the side of opening exhibition hall. It was a nice visit, and for some reason I felt like writing about it, so there you go.

Though I don't really feel like I go to museums to learn (and I have little patience to read through notes for most items of exhibit), there are always interesting things to look at. The entrance fees were dropped on a bunch of museums recently so maybe we'll go to one or two others week as well. Better make the most of the occasion! Muse and um, later.

To Tomorrow

I just want to live like...
Everyday is just a new day.
And every way,
Is just a true way.

I, I want to live like...
Everyday I see the sunshine,
Everyday I have a...
Fun time. Yeah.

I want to live every day,
Always games and always play,
Skip the seriousness and...
Have a good time.

I, want to smile when I face you,
And I wish I could have faith too,
In tomorrow, yeah I'll race you,
To tomorrow, to tomorrow! To tomorrow!
To tomorrow.

Hazel Haiku

The hazel eyes of
A woman I remember
When she was a girl

Naruto Shippuden 451!

So Naruto is back! Back to flashbacks, but this time it's with a flashback about Itachi. This time... the final flashback?

I hope so! It's been a long time coming, and it feels like a good time to pick up where they left off. I haven't even been watching full episodes lately, just skimming; just waiting for the dream to be over... maybe reality is really sinking in again with this one. Feels good.

I don't look forward to the series to end, but I look forward to seeing the end of the series. The start of the end. Soon.

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