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The Expendables (2010)

The Expendables (2010)

The Expendables really were a blast. Gathering together such greatness as Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews and even Arnold Schwarzenegger makes it seem almost too much. It's a delicate symbiosis with that many usually-main-character characters on set at the same time, but they manage it well.

Not everyone gets along, but it feels like everyone has a place, and the tough-guy convos have plenty of punchlines, jokes, and occasionally even cutting poetry. There's hidden wisdom too, if you listen.

The only actor I didn't really recognize here was Randy Couture, but I guess not everybody else did either considering he doesn't have a very major role. Eric Roberts makes a notable guest appearance, along with Steve Austin and a bunch of others.

The plot? The Expendables are a bunch of mercenaries for hire, and they're hired to take out a particular general on a small island, but it turns out he's but a puppet of an ex-CIA agent farming drugs. A girl gets involved, and though Barney (that's Stallone) first plans to abandon the mission - too dangerous - it gets personal. They all go back in, have a blast, and the credits roll. That's the kind of movie this is. Plenty of action. Plenty of explosives. Plenty of tough guys with creative names.

Some of the action footage is almost too sped-up though, and patched up to the point you feel you're not getting a clear view of all the great fighting choreography, like when you go on vacation but it's only a weekend so you end up running around and trying to relax as much as possible and end up not relaxing at all. It's intense. But between the fights it does have some laid-back times too, and that variation is much required.

I like the atmosphere, even if I feel like some action sequences could've been filmed from a better angle, and at a better pace. There's a couple chases too, and cool cars, and a plane. It's like a war movie and regular action movie combined: creative carnage featuring a gathering of charismatic characters all with their own problems. If you like action, you will probably like this!

Vilnius, btw, doesn't that sound a bit like villainous? The ploy was more noticeable in the second, though. ;)

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Baise-Moi (2000)

Baise-Moi (2000)

Baise Moi means 'Fuck Me' in French, so from the title you pretty much know what type of movie this is going to be. Gritty, exploitational, endearing, and not exceptionally entertaining or inspiring, but convincingly real. It was banned in Malaysia because of very high impact violence and sexual content throughout, and soon after also in Singapore and Australia. A bit extreme, but it's definitely not a pleasant watch.

It's about two girls, each with their own gory story, who get together and go on a killing spree around the country, getting fucked and fucking guys over (girls too - they don't discriminate). It's messy, and not very sexy, and in the end it appears as pointless as it appears.

All the while they kill and get money, they talk, and contemplate life and the end, and ride around, and walk around, and look around, and then it's over. Where does it all lead? Not really where you expect.

I'm not sure what I got from this, maybe just the revelation that: not everyone has a purpose. Not everyone gets where they want, or does what they want, or knows what they want. Not everyone cares. For some there's an edge, for some there isn't, and what's really right and wrong? Were the main characters good or bad? Could their actions be justified by the circumstances of their lives, or did they take a turn somewhere when they should've just kept moving forward? What's life? What in the world did this movie have that opened up for so many questions? I don't question my ethics, I promise, but it did make me wonder.

The filming isn't very professional, but the blood does look real. I suppose it is how it's supposed to be: down to Earth and disgusting. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but it definitely brought up new perspectives, and both script and filming feel natural. An unconventional; unpleasant watch.

 rated 2/5: decent

A Mass Of Random

So much on my mind today, maybe it'd fare to share. Real quick:

1. Apparently Microsoft are working on a solution to store digital material in DNA, and it's going well! They're aiming to put a thousand billion gigabytes in a single gram. O_O Apparently, this guy managed to cram 700 TB worth of data into a gram of DNA back in 2012 so that's... a lot of progress! I wish I had a gram of artificial DNA myself. No need to buy all these expensive HDs...

2. I wonder if Old Town in Sin City is based on Gamla Stan (by wording, at least).

3. Jean-Michel Jarre and Edward Snowden are making Techno music now! Exit.

4. The guy behind YTS just had an AMA on Reddit. It's his first time talking publicly since they seized to be, check it.

5. I learned a new word. Wizened: wrinkled with age. Wisening up huh?

6. The Behemoth are working on a new game! Pit People. It looks good.

7. I had this weird issue where my dictionaries for spell-check appearing three times in the 'select language' list, and where spellcheck displayed options even outside of text-areas. Turns out this was due to the 'Multi Links' plugin. At least I think it was. I turned it off, and now it's working! And I haven't tried turning it on again. Maybe when I need it next time I'll post a post...

8. I was planning to write about my dreams earlier today. I know I had a few interesting ones, but I was too sleepy, so I didn't get up in time to write, and now that I have to write... they're all very much forgotten. Shame.

9. Google 'minute timer' if you ever need a timer for a minute. That search engine is just packed with useful stuff.

10. Here's an interview with that one Irish rapper you might have seen in a few Musicalish posts earlier: Lucky.

11. That download limit on NG, does that really need to be there? I found an artist who I decided to download the audio from, and it took me at least half an hour (80 tracks at 3 per minute) just for that! And there's a lot of great music in the AP. These limitations really complicate the collection process. The most annoying thing is how, if you try to download again too early, the counter seems to be reset so you have to wait an additional minute once again! And you can't get any proper work done having to click three links every one minute, rather than click them all at once. It takes ages. Yet you can watch a MP4 online, in high quality, with no interruptions at all. Surely that takes much more bandwidth?

If the limit can't be lifted, would you consider limiting download speed instead, so you can at least initiate all downloads at once, and then have them complete at a pace which doesn't have a too heavy impact on the site's bandwidth/infrastructure? Or as suggested earlier, maybe remove (or increase) the limit for Supporters? I remember there was a limit way back in the day to how much you could download in a specific day, and though I was happy when that disappeared, that too would be an easier way than limited minute downloads. Maybe a minute limit after a certain amount has been downloaded?

I'd be interested to know why the limit was added at all. Wonder if it could have anything to do with Geometry Dash? Increased bandwidth costs with managed hosted? And I was planning to post this thing as a topic, but WTH, admins seem to be ignoring any mentions of this particular limitation. Maybe there's a reason for it.

12. I watched Expendables 3 again, right after the first two I posted reviews to... oh wait, I haven't posted those yet. Soon. But anyway, I thought about reviewing this one again. Still thinking about it. I already have a review for it from last time, so it feels unnecessary. But watching the third after the former two it feels like I have a bit more to say. I caught a few more references. Maybe later.

13. Eva Green really has the most aggressive roles. You wouldn't think she's the quiet type of person. And I really need to watch the second Sin City again. Don't think I appreciated it nearly enough last time (because I know I didn't appreciate the first enough the first).

14. Useful VCam resources here, here and here.

15. Resident Evil hit 20 years this year, and so did GameFaqs last year! Wish I had more time to celebrate. With a marathon for the former, and a boost of activity on the latter. I have a few guides I could post too.

16. A couple of dance GIFs with sites of their own here and here. Not sure where I'd get to post those individually. Not that they're particularly amazing. It's just cool there are two standalone sites for two standalone GIFs like this. Plus music. Useful references maybe.

17. Mortal beings answer I am Good. God answers I am God.

18. I was aiming to get the 666,666th audio ID on NG but aaargh I missed it! So much music being submitted lately it's crazy. We'll be up at a million in no time.

19. Check this out. World's most powerful miniature budget computer ever! If I had some surplus cash I'd definitely get one.

20. Story behind CTRL ALT DEL link.

21. That Youtube experiment went well! I don't even feel the urge now. Well, maybe a little, but I'm resisting. I'm with the resistance. You see all I have time for now! Other forms of distraction hmm.

And in a few years, I bet half of the links I posted here won't exist anymore. The dynamics of the Internet never seize to baffle me with their lack of siezelessness. Eternal shame.

Look Who’s Driving

Volvo really have the best commercials. :) Behind the scenes here.

GOG Bundleopolis Sales End

GOG Bundleopolis Sales

Feels like I'm giving this one campaign too much space here, but JSYK it's over. Also looks like I had /img/4/Another-Missed-GOG-Thing.png">one more of these I forgot to post about earlier. Last year.

It's One At Night And I Write

It's one at night and I write.
My light fades out and is gone.
My mind sways between right and wrong.
My day sways between night and dawn.
And I write in bright white crayon.
Or a background of pastel and pink,
I feel like it's not my style but I'll,
Keep rising until I sink.


I'll keep sweating till I start to stink.
Then shower in gold and in glory,
And prose will tell them my story,
Is it for them? Is it for me?


At one in the night, I write a bite.
It might have been quiet if we shot her,
That pesky cop helicopter,
That glides in the white moonlight, like it's
One with the night.

It's one at night and I write.

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