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In The Same Lane

In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the same,
In the lame lane.

GOG Bundleopolis Sales

GOG Bundleopolis Sales

Oh hey, GOG are having a thing /img/4/The-Sleep-Insomnia-Sale-I-Forgot-To-Post-About.png">again! It's a bundle of bundles. I probably won't buy any, but it's become a habit to post about these things. Check it out if you feel like checking out with some games!

The Great Wall Of Logitech

A massive monitor out of coupled keyboards. Pretty cool!

To Upgrade To Windows 10 Or Not


A Flash Of The Future

I am pissed! Living life and I want to get rich. But you can't take me out of the crapper without a shit. And I don't give a shit. If I don't give a shit I won't hone what I got till I bone out and git!

I gotta get a grip on this lifestyle. I say I live, but I don't live with a wide smile, and I don't live like a wild child. I don't vent out my frustration and anger. So much pain inside that these chains are a danger.

I keep mauling against them screaming and lurching, till my bones bruise and my wounds are a hurting. Live in abuse- but I live behind the curtain, t's not the life I choose but I can't choose if I'm not certain.

And I'm not sure of anything, all that's certain, is I'm throwing time away like life's a dirt bin.

I'm staying stiff like a deader in a casket. The ball is in my hand just gotta throw it in a basket. I won't give the answer if you don't ask a question, so ask it!

I'm tired of roaming backstreets. With saggy pants, cause all I carry is wearing thin! I'm becoming blood and bones, I feel weary, and I'm scared I'm not prepared to win!

I'm in the building but I'm just looking for the exit. I'm way out of puberty but I keep looking for my next zit. I'm stuck in habits, if I see a chance I'd better grab it, but I don't have a habit of grabbing chances.

My life is full of grueling regrets. Sometimes it feels like shame's the only fuel I got left. I keep on taking the same route, just brooding on debts, if this life is a cancer it's only tumors I've kept. But do I show remorse no? I'm tough to read I'm like the morse code. The longer I live the more this wart grows. I'm growing stale, growing hunch-back, can I do somersaults at 24-old?

But I'm almost 27 now. Engine still revving till I'm ready to tear this severed level down! The tires wearing so thin they're bound to pop any second, I reckon they're burning potholes through the parking lot. And my fuel is shooting out, there's only so much left for me to get stupid now. If only I could let go this brooding doubt and shoot it out. Let the brakes go and ride on through this fuming cloud!

I can almost hear that zooming sound. Won't get rash, but I wouldn't mind a pass from my tutor now. Fires turn to ash, like a flash from the future. Zoom.

Week 16 - Bad Mint On Again!


I've been to a badminton tournament this weekend, just like last year. My nephew played again, and didn't win again, but we had a good time... I think (he just didn't seem very happy about not winning).

Everything about the tournament trip was reminiscent of last year, from the weather to the ducks that crawled 'way by the tall quay. We got better pictures this year, even though he had a few fewer matches so there wasn't as much stalling between them. Maybe the ducks were tamer. My battery ran out but it was OK! I had a spare.

We ate a quick lunch in the car underneath a momentary squall and rainfall, and spent most of the rest of the weekend playing games and celebrating his visit (and 16th birthday) with cake and fish and many great a dish. Good times! As coincidence would have it, two of three of my most good buddies shared a birthday this Sunday as well!

Unlike last year we have no surprise guest who needs a bed while his bathroom gets fixed, but it's been a busy stretch of days nevertheless. Today (which was yesterday) is calmer, and I'm resting up after the perils of his stay. Getting up at 6 to get to that tournament on time had me red-eyed a couple of days. I usually fight to get up at 9.

What else? Not much worth a mention I think. I cut my hair after... almost half a year (a sure sign summer's coming), took a shopping trip on Wednesday, but barely bought a thing. (There were no decent things to buy.)

As for the auctions that plagued my psyche last week: they're over. I overcame the urge, and am happy to conclude that most of the things I bought were useful things. All the ones I mentioned last week arrived yesterday, and I'll be picking up the final package (300 table tennis balls) tomorrow. That's all! The laptopĀ“s running well, and currently running through 238 upgrades after a forceful downgrade from Windows 10 to 7, but more on that in some other post.

Aaand that's about it. All else has been work and time spent (I hope) wisely. I posted just 3 reviews this week, and was plotting to post another 3 but now it's Tuesday night already so I'd better get this weekly thing out the way first. It's been a good albeit too quickly passed stretch of days! Now onto the next one.

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