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I don't stand to make anything,
Off of these mistakes.

I wish I could off all of these gray days,
Go away!

I wish I could spend my time with play dates,
Or play doh.

Just lay low in someone's lap...
Till I wake.

Maybe the sun's lap,
Just a timelapse,
Where I lie down,
And just white out,
Look at quiet clouds,
They're so bright,
I forget these,
Boring times.

I see starshine,
I see clotheslines,
See them blowing,
In the ozone,
They remind me,
Of the garden,
I'm at work but,
Still I go home.

I zone out: it's my zone now.
It's my dream land: and my soul shouts.
For some meaning! But I don't heed it at all.
I'm just meandering this screen while demons flee with my call.

I hear it, somewhere out there... in the distance.
A little ring. Like a quaint bug buzzing. Faint like percussion from a concert behind the mountain.
I hear it. I've been spending days, but really, who's counting?
The buzzing fades away, wish I could find the fountain.
If I found it, then I may.

Star Day 2016

Star Day 2016

Happy Birthday again Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving a 12th year! In blue and yellow, almost as if it's a national flag day. ;)

Rose, Rose, Rose Your Blood

Haiku for blue days
Rages in my violet mind
Bloodshed of roses

Rancid Roses

Are rancid,
If you put them,
In a jar of,
And honey,
And butter,
But forget the honey,
And vinegar,
And leave them,
For days and,
Forget them,
For weeks and,
Then months and,
Then check them,
They're rancid,

I Want To Run!

The world.


I don't like your notion,
I want to be open!
I don't care how much you try,
I'll be me, I'll defy,
All the things you try you sly,
Faux, but what are rocks?
When these words: are all you hurl.

I don't do smut!
I won't eat.
What you threw up!
Lick my feet.
Is that too much?
Be discreet,
People see,
People see,

And I see dead people,
In my dreams.

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