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In This World

I'm not in this world to lead.
I'm not in this world for greed.
I'm not in this world to be you.
I'm in this world to be me.

I'm not in this world to grieve.
I'm in this world to smile.
I'm in this world to enjoy my time,
Even if time's just a while.

I'm not in this world to appeal.
I'm not in this world to steal.
The best things in life are free,
But what do we really need?

I'm in this world to see.
I'm in this world to try.
I'm in this world to do something worthwhile,
before I say goodbye.

I'm in this world.

Week 21 - A Weak 21

Another week passed. Damn. RIP. I'm still nowhere near finished with the awards Flash - or any of many other projects. Thought I'd get some work done on that today, but midnight's closing in fast (it's the latter of the leet minute displays - 23:37). Work's still a thing, unfortunately, and it keeps me up all day. Up and away.

Well no, not unfortunately. Fortunately, work's still a thing. It's not bad work, but it does take time away from certain other things, like being able to sizzle in the sun for a few hours on a rare cloudless day such as this. Summer's coming quick. A funeral's coming up too. A lot of things are on route. Toot toot. Not all of them good things, but why brood on doom and gloom when you can listen to a soothing tune and groove in rooms. Look out through the window: and view the moon! And break a sweat. It's wet. I'm waiting for a day with a new monsoon.

We had one of those earlier this week actually, and right now I wouldn't mind another. I was at work, about to embark out on my lunch break (which I usually spend in a patch of nearby greenery), but when I walked through the door I was met by a waterfall. I mean it was intense. I work in an industrial area, and the whole parking lot was a puddle. The water ran down the slick asphalt in an even stream all the way across. The winding forest path was a raging river. The streets were flooded and the stairs were waterfalls.

I borrowed an umbrella and took a walk. It was pretty nice, wet but warm - a summer storm, the heavy rain pounding the ground with a seizeless rage. I didn't get to eat lunch outside after all, there was just no place the rain didn't reach, but sitting inside while the water patters against the window pane is not bad either. Good thing I had a change of clothes.

Otherwise there's not much to report. The weather's warming up again. Life goes on as usual. I'm looking forward to vacation time in a month; my parents are already up North enjoying the mosquitoes. Apparently there's beaver running rampant along the shore this year, chopping down our aspens. Year of the beaver. Be very wary. ;)

On the blog I managed to post another 6 reviews, and this, and here's last week. Moving on...

New Day, Huge Yay

A new day brews yay! Get to shoes and do great!
Though views be a blue gray, I drew drapes like fresh paint.
Nothing, is estranged. Nothing, is too far.
I'll get out, and get house, and get spouse, and new car.
If you just believe in it the world will roll your way,
So get out! You've got a meet and greet to do today!
Monday. My day. My date. Mon dieu. I'll take it!
My date is naked. A fresh start! Like a piece of wood,
I can't wait to paint it.

A Little Squibble

A Little Squibble

These Gray Days

Sitting here,
I'm sitting here,
I shit despair,
I call your cards,
The wall it falls,
And all is clear,
And finally,
I see it all.

I see the rise,
Between the falls,
I see your vice,
I feel your love,
And all the trials,
They seem so small,
And all this life,
Between it all.

Tell me. Is this world:
The right for me?
Tell me. Are my eyes:
Eyes that see?

When I look out the window,
Do I really see what's there?
Is me sitting indoors,
The brewer of despair?
If I take a jog or run,
Will I turn this fog to sun?
If I take these lemons, and make some...

Maybe my next day won't be so...

The Bed Never Lasting

I am so tired...
So tired...
I could drift away at any moment.
Away to sleep.
Away to the land that awaits,
Behind the gates,
That I closed when I chose my fate:
To stay awake.

I didn't know what I was doing see,
When I sipped on the green tea and felt like...
I might swallow the rest of the 3/4 cup,
So I did and then the night was fucked.
At 2:30 I heard the birds chirp.
If someone asked me who I was I'm sure I'd slurred words.
I feel a thirst emerge in the back of my throat...
But I won't tackle that no.
I lie a while and lie a while and a while...
Turns to a stack of shackles and oaths.
"If I fall asleep..."
But I didn't get to the reason,
And then I hear the beep.

Time's up.
You can never get past them!!
The demons in your dreams everlasting.

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