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Good Day Say On The Bed I Rest

I'm self-bettering in my redder skin,
The sun is heavenly so then let's begin!
Well, a swell of waves well over the shoals,
Paradise never seemed so whole -
If you didn't now you know.

I mumble a bundle in a close-to-slumber mouthful,
The world is delightful I've been out all day.
I wish I'd been out always. Ah, waste.
But it's okay. I mumble a bundle and sway, say!
It's been a good day.

All Out Of Time

Time is running away too fast...
Time! Is running away, and I'm running with time
It's running away too fast.
Somewhere we've got to draw the line.

I'm all out of time x3

Time is running away too fast.
It seems whatever I do becomes in part a routine,
And I spend more time on that -
Than all the other things inbetween and

I'm all out of time x3

But I better not pout cause I'm not spineless!
I better get out - it's out where time is!
Time is out but me I'm always in I find
Myself, sitting, thinking, making these little things

I've: got to get out of my mind!

I'm all out of time x3

Twentyninth Almost

The twentyninth is
Here it is here
It is here it
Is here in
The air.


I'm up earlier catching a leaf of sunrays!
Last time before 10... do I remember?
The sun is still up and it glows like an ember.
Though we're waiting for a rain in abundance.

I had a fun day yesterday and today seems,
Like a cloudy reminder with a vague gleam.
But I feel good and I have at my disposal -
An hour extra, I can make the most of.

Am I finally settling down in new routines?
Starting to rise - when I want to wake up?
With a bit more energy! It's a new me.
There's more good to get than I will ever take up.

But today seems like a promising beginning.
An extra hour to spend eating; maybe swimming?
Then when I usually look at the time and think "Shit, late".
Today I can relax and snack on six grapes.

Or whatever dish waits.
I'm up earlier, and the day is good.
I'm up earlier, as early as I could.
What's the time? I think it's 9.

Supersuperhot Nonsense Haiku

Super super short,
Simple dimple pimple hot.
A nonsense haiku.

Guess What?

I'm not so fond of words today, so guess what?
Wit words I'll play - I jest not!
With words I say,
With words and words a lone wolf.

He lives inside my house and see,
This lone wolf looks a mouth like me,
You can run North or South, but flee?
You get not. I wrote a verse. Guess what.

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