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Summer As It Was

I'm about to fill a page, depicting all my days!
Uplifting sunrays fade and make way for tungsten gray,
Tons and tons of gray, a stunning abundance made,
As the one we praise - who youngs our face, that one is laid to waste,
Behind plumes of something gray.

But I've been here in silence thinking so little of matters,
It's like the world is gone - but a fleeting illusion,
All the war and pastime, so unworthy and asinine,
But I suppose my own will be as shattered, when I with you - soon,
Break through my illusion.

I'm sitting indoors now because the sun is hiding too,
When you're not here we're apart, when you're out there I'm with you.
I see a little light trying to reach into my room,
I guess that it's a sign, that instead of insistent doom,
I should be outside - even when my days are due.

Blisters in my fingers, blisters in my toes,
Thick skin like Rumpelstiltskin, but nothing of it shows.
The time now it flows calmer, as the days from dusk till dawn,
Are shorter - and colder - and warmer, and our lawn is strewn with leaf,
Like a beacon of our grief.

I don't dislike the winter, the snow is cool as well.
But the way I spend my days... well, only you can tell.
You're not out, and I'm not out, like a sunstorm behind a lost cloud,
The winter is to all the things I hold close farewell,
To all the things I hold close... farewell.

Summer's on the edge; I'm walking down it's steps
I wish they were in harmony; not all this regret,
I guess I have much to learn still,
A page is not enough yet, but it will be.
When you come again and instill in me a will,
To get outside and build dreams, not sit inside and kill.

When I'm outside you're about, and when I'm in you're gone,
But there have been times I was in, while you were on our lawn,
Playing there by yourself, hesitant... and lost.
My only regret is, that when you were there - that wasn't where I was.
Time that I've spent inside, without you - is time I've lost.
And only when you're gone again I realize what it cost.

Summer's an amazing land, a wondrous place - like Oz.
I yearn this time will come again, and then I'll see my own best friend,
All good things they come and end, but you I always know will come again!
With rays so warm and generous, enrichening and soft.
Here's an ode to summer as it was.

The Last Days

The last days,
The pathways,
The portals,
To that place,
They open,
I go in,
It's over.

I've been drunk on life,
Now I'm sober.

Last Day Haiku

Last day up in here.
Despair flares, it's not enough!
My last day up here

Blond Bond Sailer Man Sailing Soon Under Hailing Moon

Vamos, you oaf!
Get out there and go!
Until you both get croaked,
Don't play me like a toad.

I know the ways of new and old!
I know the ways that you unfold!
You four syllable vowel,
Like a towel.... towel. Ow ow ow ow?

Soft like snails and serpent skin,
Begone akin! Begone!
And into the darkest eons I'll be sailing,
Like Bond. Strong.

My name's not Dan, it's...
Bond, sailor man.

Just A Quick Stall & Summer Scrawl

The sun is shining bright out there
And I wish! Time was a luxury I could spare
But I can't both get sun and write!
Don't mind that I've been up all night
In the dorm light I scrawl with pure life,
And I'll be out in a fortnight!
After days of rain and sore trials... like reading,
It's something I need like a chiropractor visit
Wake up to bliss. This is it. This is life.
Get out of your head!! And open your eyes!
In the midst of shimmering delight and enrichening all,
I spring inside for a quick stall and this scrawl.
Good tiding, summer hiding. Good tide, summer vibe.

Alone Wolf

As if the world is in no way accursed and blessed,
As if in some way it's all an unEarthly test,
As if there's nothing I need to purge off my chest,
Yes it hurts, I'm a mess, I'm a learner, I progress,
I think first, answer then, show my silence, to my friends,
Go to town, come back home, sip my peace, I'm alone.
People come, and people go, and who am I to know?
When I really feel at home. In a pack? Or alone. Wolf.

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