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The Visit (2015)

The Visit (2016)

Well this was different. Both creepy and comical, a weird blend, a documentary style movie as filmed through the eyes of a couple of teenagers, a girl and a boy - siblings, visiting their grandparents for the first time ever.

Relations between their mom and their grandparents aren't as great as they could be - they've been distanced since she was young, so to both help their mom get out of the house (to meet a guy, maybe - she's going on a cruise), and to learn about their heritage they take the initiative to spend a week with their grandparents. To document, and learn, and hopefully get the family back together again!

It all starts great. Their grandparents seem like good people, but bedtime's 9:30, and after 9:30... weird things start happening in the house. And there's definitely something weird going on with those grandparents... sun-lighting, and incontinence, is that really all it is? Disturbing, creepy, scary eventually, but oddly comical in between.

Only after I'd watched the movie did I read this was made by the same guy who did Signs, Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense - wonder if I'd have been as positively surprised if I knew that from the start. Though it's a movie filmed as if by amateurs, it's all very professionally tied together. The documentary-style filming is spontaneous and fresh, and the two main characters are a usually likable pair, with plenty of personality. And the grandparents... they're pretty crazy! The transition from fun to uncertain to fear is masterful, and the clues add up slowly, slowly, slowly... until it all goes mad. They claim it's to Grandparents as Jaws was to Sharks... and that is a pretty fitting catchphrase! Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Holy Goes Haiku

A little time it
Goes... but this is big time, BIG!
Holy ghosts they go.

Mini Mini Dooming

So I finally got around to playing this game - just a while before the next one comes out.

I still haven't played all the way through - it's difficult, but I thought I'd at least post a batch of screenshots detailing my first run. 111. I didn't get very far, but here goes...

Mini Mini Dooming


The Monstrous Winter Sale At GOG

The Monstrous Winter Sale At GOG!

GOG seem to be launching almost too many of these things lately! I was a bit late posting about the last one, but here you go now. It's your chance! Grab some deals while you can! Gain some EXP! Grab some free games (there's even one entirely free game up right now). Your call.

Also, if you're missing the big picture there you go. Getting a bit too big, almost. I wouldn't mind a bit more minimalist approach, but I shan't complain: good games are good. Even if it does eat up my bandwidth...

I'm Not A Programmer...

I'm not a programmer, but I am amazing!

Worst Poem Of The Year

I need to write a poem cause the day is almost done,
And while you've been there plowing I've been in here having fun,
Or sitting, just sitting, just watching something see -
Something like a movie, on someone's large TV.

And I get paid to do it - watching is my job,
Society pays me - it's like they're getting robbed,
The government throws cash into this program that they deem,
Necessary - to help those who can't stand but only lean,

I'm not complaining. I have my job and I'm happy,
The pay it isn't much and the terms of work are crappy,
But spending time at work doing things I wouldn't call - work at all,
Is not too bad, be it summer spring or fall. Or winter.

And winter. This winter. I spend it sitting indoors.
Running through my brain until my brain just starts to wonder,
What am I doing? Is this how I spend my days? In my cage?
No really I'm amazed. Worst poem here's a taste.

Of the year.

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