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A Chip In My Gum

I got a chip in my gun,
And it's really annoying!
It really aint fun,
It's really just toying!
With my whole molars,
With my whole soul!
A chip in my gum,
It's out of control.

A chip in my gum.

A Thing Of Thinking

Think a little,
Think too much,
Think I might,
I might have thought,
I might have caught,
A cold I thought,
But never me! Never me!

Think a little,
Think a while,
Problems solve,
Problems pile,
And I dissolve in all my problems.
Where's my senses? I have lost them!
Blink a blink and breath in air.
A screen to clear my eerie fear.
I never dream! I never dream!

Think I think.
Think I'm here.
Remember me.

Week 1 - Östersund & Back

I'm late again! Halfway through the new week (on the first full week of the year to boot) and I'm only now typing in this post! I have no excuse, but the week(s) have been busy. Work started again, and when work stopped - me and my sister took a trip to Östersund for a quick winter reunion with big bro & Co. Ten hours by train; a couple days there, and a night, and one morning. Time just blazed by, but we had a good time. We had -27°C too, and snow! Cold and cozy, but hard to breath on the introductory impulse walk a few hours past midnight.

Come Monday, we returned to a Stockholm struck by sleet, and commuter trains that stood still. I waited on a packed platform for at least half an hour before one rolled in, and three trains worth of people tumbled into it. We stood like stiffs, light-headed from lack of oxygen until finally, I stumbled through the doors in Bro, onto wet snow and slippery concrete, greedily sucking in the cool air. Home, sweet home! Come morning I'm back at work again.

And thus, that is really all I have to relate of this speedy segment of days. We played some games, ate some good food; visited a graveyard to see an old friend. We scuttled onto the train and looked out the windows a few years... whoops, I mean hours, listening to Grouplove (a newfound addiction) and Kings of The City, and this week seems to become just as busy. I haven't posted much on the blog lately apart from the daily projects, but here's a few, and last week. Hope yall are enjoying the New Year so far; ciao for now!

Jag Är En Hemlig Person

I'm a homely person. I like being home.

Jag är en hemlig person. Jag gillar att vara hemma.

Some things translate better than you might imagine. :) Bilingual readers, you'll understand!

One Punch Man!

I seem to only be choosing new animes to watch with 'Punch' in the titles lately. :) Last time it was Punch Line, and now it's this one! But in difference from the former (which was good, but not memorably good) this one show shows some pretty serious potential!

It's about a hero who looks very ordinary, but is really very powerful (you might even argue he's the strongest person on Earth), but he has one big problem: he can't find an opponent he doesn't instantly knock out with just one punch. He's getting bored. Life seems trivial and dull, to the point where he almost seems kinda suicidal in some of his battles (I mean come on! He's taking that giant guy's punches head on for what? When he could be dodging them?!).

I just finished the first episode, in which he beats up a wide assortment of strange villains, and then, plot twist: sub-subterraneans appear, destroying his house while he sleeps, after having already killed 70% of the population! He fights them off, but they're strong, and suddenly... he starts feeling a feeling he hasn't felt in so long! How it feels to have a real fight!! As he stands victorious, sweating, shivering, towering over his foes on a cliff of rubble, the King of the Underground appears and challenges him, and he runs that beast head on! And then: his alarm clock rings and be instinctively (accidentally?) punches it through the floor.

Sound like an entertaining premises for a show? Well, I thought so too! And not just the premises: but the show! Awesome idea, animation, comedic quality and plot aaand everything about it really. As seems to be the trend with modern (fighting) anime, it progresses at a super-fast pace, but of course, it's the first episode. This might've been more eventful than most just to get us hooked. And that I am.

I'm looking forward to following the show and catching up on the remaining, already aired 11 episodes (out of 12 total, just 1 left!). Here's a bunch of screenshots to give you a taste of content:

One Punch Man!



It's the 13th today and I write a bit.
I have a lot of lies in my life and shit.
I give myself advice but I'm tired of it.
As soon as I start I just try to quit.

I think about the life and the universe.
I think about the truth and our ruse of dirt.
I think about my views and the views immerse.
And new views emerge, and these views converge.

The first quatrain was so perfectly symmetrical.
I didn't want to... further this outlet at all.
I feel I can't match the perfection, in that little section.
And look! This set appalls.

It's getting short now. Then it goes longer.
It's growing weaker. Then it grows STRONGER!
All in my life seems to arise in waves.
I lie, looking at lights in the shade.

Looking at the light from another side.
I see another time in my grave.
I'd rather not find time for other times.
I'd rather just keep with my play.

I'd rather play games and confuse myself.
So that I don't know why I'm really here.
I'd rather sit at home where I drew my shell.
Instead of facing any other fear.

Thoughts. That I think about.
They flood my mind, go up and down.
Thoughts. That I think about.
I blink my doubt, away.

You never say tonight: is a New one!
You just say Tomorrow's a new day.
You never say this year: was the Greatest!
You just say: the Next will be insane.

But I'm at my nexus of living now.
I don't want to fade or to simmer down.
I don't want to age and then linger round.
And yet I want to live until I'm clear.

Until I'm prepared, to leave my fair,
Until I've done my share of grieving, and thieving, and contriving these little jeers,
Until a time when I am wise enough to say I'm NOT wise without thinking even a little: Yes I am!
Reality is like a barren sand, a scary land, a jarred hand. Thoughts, I understand. Thoughts, are my demand.

Thoughts, are who I am.

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