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Funk Bros, Contemplate

Right out of bed to write out my head, it's alright,
I can writhe in linen shrines when I'm dead, rewinding,
Looking back at the times till time ends and my dread
Is seeing only all those times when I've fled,
Tormented. I have this beautiful car but cant help but dent it.
Self masochism envisioned Bentley.
I regret. I don't forget - I'm retentive,
Creative native I say, maybe relative: an uncle.
But what the fricking funk yall. B.

Society False

Listen to me:
I bring great tidings, and things!
And all you want, see?
Hear me as I sing clear, and jingle with these bells.

I have stories, stories to tell,
Collected great wisdoms, but none of them held,
I'm saved by the bells, I wander my well,
And wonder how long I can wonder,
How long till the yonder.

You know me: you know how I spell.
You see my scribbles, my scrawls - on buildings, and halls.
I'm the vision, the bringer of smells,
Of sight and of sounds! The white on the grounds!

They pounce by the pound. To stop me.
They strike with their might. To stop me.
But stopped I will not see!
For I am the bringer of all, that lingers and falls,
And spins on, and lives on and mauls,
At all that you can see but can't call.

Society's false. I bash down it's walls.
Society's vile. We bask in denial.
Society's waltz. I dare not be taught,
What they want to teach: to other, and each,
Society falls.

A Christmas Stand-in Haiku

In this time of gifts
I can not even give you
A better poem

It's The First Day Of Winter?

It's The First Day Of Winter?

It's really not. Hopefully not the last day either, though looks like we might be getting a Green Christmas 2016.

The GOG Goodbye 2016 Sale

The GOG Goodbye 2016 Sale

It's on! Not really as intensely so as recent; previous sales, but if you're looking to get some good games and are looking for some particulars maybe there'll be some here you're looking for. Nothing for me, though. Feels like I'm stacked up on games for years in advance.

The year's not over yet, but maybe this is... goodbuy.

Here's a link.

Clocks & Watches

The timing's clocked in.
Morning. My alarm clock rings,
And I get up dazed.

Shave my face with cold
Water. New age sentinel,
Soon growing dated.

Old like black and white
Movies. Race. Religions still.
Lingering fragments

Of a past we could.
But we can better today!
Improvement. Growing,

Old like the water,
Circulating through the vein
Of Gaia. Will we


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