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Out Of Town, And Out, One Mind

I'm towed out of town,
The snow falls, I'm so small,
I'm so out of bounds,
But don't all feel so small?

I grow out a frown, I know I'm a mind,
Much like a mountain where no one has climbed.

I'm low like I'm down,
The snow drifts, I flow swift,
I'm so rowdy now,
When people let go it's:

Not easy to be stiff, but still I try my best.
I don't know if I'm rich yet, but life is just a test.

Like a quiz... and I wonder what it is.

Is it more? I wonder how I'll score.

Is it bliss? I wonder; exist.

Is it less. I try to be: the best.

Week 49 - Fortynine Err Esperia

Had to wordplay but had no reason! There's the err.

Esperia though, it's a small cozy Greek restaurant somewhere in Södermalm. I had a pretty nice dinner there (like a Christmas banquet, but without the banquet, or Christmas) with my main job this week. Three dishes. Kefalotiri (grilled aged sheep cheese) with oregano and lime. Grilled sea bass fillets, dill cream and marinated beetroot with fried potato slices, Tzatziki, and bread, with Italian iced tea with lemon and honey, fresh water and red Amethystos wine. And to conclude: lemon and mint sorbet with a dash of Prosecco. Delicious.

I rarely get to indulge in fancy foods, but when someone else finances the event it's alright! A real treat. Should definitely eat out a bit more often even when I'm paying though - and not just fast food if I do. This dinner didn't just taste great, and offer some entertaining conversation with good people - it left me feeling fresh and healthy, invigorated by ingredients of (I imagine) much greater quality than those you'll find at the local supermarket.

I'm even starting to speak differently, in embellished tone, feeling like I'm ambidextrously pending between a normal, working class style of life and a finer one, like that of... politicians, maybe.

Imagine expensive restaurant food being a norm. Being boring. Away from the all-but-cozy claustrophobic cage of a one-room business apartment you'd otherwise spend a meal in, as you live lavishly under the city neon, interacting with foreign agents of international creeds, both a benefactor to and a baron throned above the lower-class hired hands feeding the consumerist pyramid scheme we climb, raining debris as we claw our way upward - making a mark, watching as all crumbles below us.

Well... nah, that doesn't seem like the type of person I want to be. I imagine. Though I wouldn't mind eating food like this a bit more often... even if it is the rarity that makes it so appreciated.

We went bowling at Rock & Bowl, Mariatorget too, before this. The bowling... went alright. Should definitely do that more often too. And compete more. Play under pressure. I feel like I'm the kind of guy who plays worse when I play worse, and I expect to play worse when I play with people who I expect to be better. And if they play worse... I play worse. But I ranked second (out of six), so that was alright too.

Overall it's been a good week, with varied weather and this weekend: snow! :D After about a week of dark nights and slush winter's finally back again.

Cyberdevil's Back is finally on the site too, but those other projects... coming soon™. I have been working with the site, but lately work goes slow and days pass fast. Not enough D-Vitamin? Too much One Piece manga (I picked up the first book on a whim and I'm eighteen books in today)? Too little sleep and/or exercises? Maybe a combination of all.

If you need some motivation btw, try this.

Find one path. Take it. Last week. Other stuff. And that GOG sale went pretty well. Peace out.

CDB Updates:

  • Added in 'and' on slugs for movies with '&' in titles.
  • Minor blog edits; fixes.

Musicalish #157

Hard to pick a feature with so much good music lately, but wait, what's this... a collab between Indie still-somewhat-unknowns Walk off the Earth and Snoop Dogg the legendary?! That's a feature. Lighters up.


Cyberdevil's Back (2016) (1:09)


Draw With Google

Quick Draw!

Feel like testing your drawing capabilities against an AI? It's pretty fun! :)

Here's the link. And here's a quick showcase of my mad skills...


Break Fast

I climb out of bed like a zombie, and don't care to comb my hair.
I walk downstairs trotting on beat, and stumble into a chair.
I stir up my bowl of muesli, and bring it upstairs again.
And sit down by the computer, where I write without a pen.

Outside, they've tore down buildings. Now they build them instead.
The sound comes through closed windows. Instills in me a dread.
The view that was free the past year will slowly be covered in guise,
The sun. The skies. The treeline, and beautiful animal life.

Now only the birds by the window will stay here asking for feed,
All of the hedgehogs and rabbits and whot-not - they'll surely flee.
For a while these woods were a haven, if only a sliver of green,
The last that remained in old Bro, a refuge with buildings between.

But now that window is closing! A new dawn is stirring with noise.
I sit in a room faced the window, and hear it as clear as my voice.
It's not the way I had envisioned; I'm not listening by my choice,
They're building a building, and flowers are wilting, until then I'll stay on my hill with instilled sense wishing there were other ways! All this grace! All these grays. All these wondrous ways they wreck up.

But this is where our world left us.
I'm still upstairs, eating my breakfast.
Looking back. Feeling flat. Like they ran me over,
but only time moved back. It's change; that's that.

Whatever's passed: break fast.

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