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Get up and fail hard!
Do stuff and bail,
Out the car before it drives into the sailor's soiree! Hey!
What is the madness? What is random? Can you fathom?
Have I run out of control: is my battle against my ego?
Is it me y'all? When you look through the roof what do you seagull.
Whatever happened to Steven Seagal? Has he flown his coup?
Blown his load? Motherload? Growing old? Brother knows.

I'm a slave to planetary matters, so save me Marshall Mathers.
Whatever happens I battle rappers if they don't put a lid on,
All their sloppy excessives. Highly suggestive. In the end will I regret: live?
If you don't change the setting. Go on keep forgetting.
And I can't sleep I'm fretting, I'm fretting on what to say:
What to do with this world when there's only the violent way,
And what to do to be heard when only the violent sways your hearing,
Regain your bearing: let out your primal rage!

Get up and fail hard!
Do stuff and get there,
You'll never know regret if you don't do stuff to regret, yeah?
Each year passes by like summer's setting, and I know I'm on your turf.
Let me in! Let me surf. Make me kin! Mother Earth. Is there God? Is there more?
Is there peace? Is there war? Why do we snore for?
So many questions that I can't answer. They grow in me like tumors. Pardon my cancer humor.
I feel a need to be leaf: to be free! To believe. Now see me! Now see me!
As I jump off my perch.

I'm not a slave to planetary matters, though I feel sometimes.
Other times I'm apathetic. People tell me; I don't get it.
I want to change my expectations, and change my setting, and change my every fiber so I can feel aliver.
We humans aren't meant to fly, we can swim, and we can float.
Not in skies though, heavens no.
We can sink and build a moat.
We can sky dive. Only when we reach the surface do we know we survived high.
Diving. Surviving. Just striving. To get there. But where, and what, and better yet: care!
I'm going somewhere. Fly high! Down to Earth.
For what it's worth.

Is a lot.

A Non-Religious Way Of Saying Amen

Time comes again,
It's war and war again,
Mutilated bodies - a slaughter without end,
Both enemies and friends,
Both righteous and uncaused,
With sirens and with saws,
They beat their way through sense.

I wish we'd make amends,
At least we could pretend we were all friends,
And get along together - the wills around us bend,
Instill in us a peace instead of will to kill and quench,
Our thirst for violence,
We live on islands. Inside our trench,
I wish for bliss and then

A non-religious way of to say Amen.

Sinal Haiku

Spinal chords of doom
Column rise, world may follow
Fall into your dream


A short time on Earth,
Then Gaia, or Heaven, or Seven -
Three Hundred Sixty Five.

We live in fun times,
When it's fun to be alive,
And even on commuter trains -
Everyone has drive.

But that's what we obey,
But that's what we obey,

The winner writes the story,
The winner gets the glory,
And what's what we obey,

Linger No Longer

Linger on no longer,
Linger and grow stronger,
Linger like warmongers,
Stash away your hate,
And feed it so it grows,
And keep it in a cage,
And feed it till it's so big,
The cage around it breaks!
And it flows into the world, like a flood - like a plague!
And no one in this world can tame your rage - nobody stays.
No one's on your side, because no one here's alive.
It's the end of time, of the line, of your smile.
You realize with distaste, we do make mistakes.
But not all of us make our mistakes our rage.
And even if well-meant, there's no way to repent,
You pushed the pawn, you took your scorn and play.
And now there goes your world. Goes away.

X-Men 8 - Apocalypse (2016)

X-Men 8 - Apocalypse (2016)

What happens when a super-mutant - a God of days of futures past, wakes up to a new world and decides to take over once again? Only now the world has cities, and machines, and meta-humans - sorry, mutants, and not all of those are that fond of giving up a world they've just started getting accepted in.

It turns into a vicious battle, and Oscar Isaac plays a convincing villain, as the first-ever mutant and destroyer of worlds, the one introduced already within the title: Apocalypse! Or En Sabah Nur, as is his real name. Apocalypse is his nickname outside of the movie, and it reminds of the recent Superman/Batman Apocalypse. Intentional or no? They're competing blockbusters on a lot of fronts, these two.

A lot of the mutants who have been with us a long time before this get properly introduced with this movie, and Charles goes bald, and for a while Magneto joins the dark side again. In the end it feels like he almost gets over the deaths of his loved ones too easily, but that's a minor thing. When it matters, he pours out emotion, and considering the circumstances maybe it's not so strange that he sways from one side to the other - teetering on an edge between darkness and light.

The plot moves beautifully, the special effects are off the charts, and a close knit group of X-Men really work together to bring order to the world. Most importantly: this time it goes how it feels like it was supposed to go with the Last Stand, and we see the Phoenix we really wanted to see. At least so far it seems to be looking hopeful, and a little glimpse of a promised sequel to be shows up at the very end.

I am looking forward to that! Logan. Will this be our final figuring of Wolverine - as he is now, or is all of this just getting started once again? Time will tattle.

The intros are almost getting too elaborate at this point, but I do like each one so far, and the new intrigue. I like the references to a past time as well - one of myth more than science. And I like that Mystique's a frontline figure now. All in all it's a grand movie, maybe not as thorough as the last, but intense, inspiring and emotional. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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