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When You're Tired... don't feel like doing anything. You get stuck writing a message, and then re-writing it, and posting a post - then editing it three times, visiting profile pages of particular people in search for special Halloween medals on NG, then just visiting other user's profiles to see what they've been up to lately, including that of the by now since five years deceased Sherbert (the cat). Nobody had posted a comment there for three years, so I had to revive the thread.

Then you watch this beautiful piece, even though you've been telling yourself to not waste any time on video on weekdays, and instead of being annoyed at Young Thug's mumble rap feature you instead ponder if people can actually hear what he says, and why he decided to rap like that... was it by choice? Does he maybe just have a really bad lisp? Wonder what Havana is really like. Looks pretty nice.

...but if you really have to do something? Something important? Well then... you take a cold shower, and get a natural energy drink with green coffee and ginseng, and realize you've already wasted a full hour after dinner doing nothing. Basically. None of the aforementioned power-ups seem to be working.

You finally get a surge and do something, albeit so aggravatingly slowly, and when you've finally accomplished this first task you realize that unless you want to spend the next day in the same state of sluggish indecisiveness you'd better get to bed instead of finishing up that second important task in a late night flurry; falling asleep way too late once again, though now that you're finally making some progress you will yourself to at least doodle a liiittle more.

My brand new winter time morning routines so far? They're going good! Late night routines... could be better.

First Hexalist update in three months has now been posted, but alas, the last few Inktober doodles may be a day. Or two.

Oh btw,
Happy Halloween!

Week 43, 2017


9:51 Winter Time

I woke up 10:00 today. A thousand exactly. Point blank. I hesitated, then turned on the light to catch up with a few leftover diary entries from past and all too busy days, did the morning exercise warm-up I usually don't (five backlifts, a curl and painful out-of-bed stretch), and was finally out of bed by 10:40... or so I thought.

Turning on the computer the little digital right-bottom-corner clock showed 9:51, and I realized that it is now officially winter! Time to change the time on all our non-automatic clocks - which is pretty much all of them apart from the one on the computer. And time to consider switching to shortsless winter clothing.

I was planning on skipping breakfast, since I ate too much last night and it wasn't long till lunch anyway, but suddenly I was feeling pretty hungry. Suddenly I was feeling pretty energetic too, and hopeful about what I might accomplish during this particular day, after just recently having crawled out of bed with much more forced intentions.

I sat down by the computer and ate my breakfast as I went through a few bookmarks worth of animations and messages, filled in my hundred words for the day, threw up a short blog on a donation I'd made to this great place - with some subtle propaganda aimed at making others do the same, and read some more, and wrote some more, and here I am now writing this at... exactly 10:51. One hour later. It's entirely coincidental. A highly symbolic yet happy coincidence!

So far it's been a great morning, and the fact that I've been able to accomplish all my morning routines - and more, before the time when I thought I would be starting with them feels pretty incredible. Like I saved an hour. Like I have one hour extra to spend today. Like the day is a blank slate with which I can now do whatever I want!

It's the miracle of winter time.

Maybe we should all set our clocks an hour too late each night, so we unintentionally get an hour extra to do whatever it was we otherwise might not have done each morning - or would have done later, and then felt like we had less time left over to attain all other goals and ambitions that await.

Or maybe not. Some claim the yearly switches between winter and summer time disrupt our sleep cycles, and though evidence does suggest it's true: this extra hour of winter's always just as appreciated an addition each time it arrives. The one hour less each spring however...

In my mind it's still 9:51. The time when I really woke up and realized what I was truly capable of today. Let's hope bedtime routines don't follow the new hours, but rather the old routines, and this newfound extra morning hour isn't lost in the dark of winter sleep and bad habits.

If you happen to live in Sweden, or similar: it's time to make a change! In time. If you like I was not aware: today's going to be great. Take care.

Preserving The Archive

Preserving The Archive

For sure. My pleasure homie. Anytime. Like: next year again. I mean: May the Archive be great and eternal and highly symbolic donations (like mine) keep trickling in in a steady stream; enriching this little oasis of free reign and thought and cultural heritage for all time!

As long as I have some something to spare I shall keep on contributing to this great wealth of history and knowledge! And most of all the Wayback Machine I so frequently make us of!

Thanks for making this amazing thing, and keeping it alive for all these years! Here's to many many many more.

If you happen to wish to contribute too, here's the page.

Writing Wrongs

Typos. It happens. We all makethem.

Yesterdays Were Days

So it's been a week since my best day, and though I don't think I've had any day quite as amazing since then I have done some amazing things! Sort of. I thought I'd detail them in this sort of hybrid spin-off and follow-up chronicle.

So what's up? I'm behind on my Project 2017 stuff again... but almost caught up with Inktober! I've been doodling like crazy. I think I spent a bit too much time in the details of the first few, so the last ones have been almost overly simple to make up for time lost there.

Both have their own charm though. The overly complex and gritty and the overly simplistic and styleful.

It seems like artists overall often start with the complex, but lean towards the easier route the better they get. The better: the faster. When it's done right it looks good, but on the other hand if it's sloppy then it looks excessively sloppy. When you add detail even a piece that doesn't look professional can look like it took a lot of effort to make, but the opposite unfortunately isn't usually true.

Simple art done well really requires a tremendous amount of mastery - something that seems to apply no matter what craft you practice. Interesting how the simplest things are the most complex.

I'm not sure I'm the point where my simple pieces all look professional, but this Inktober thing is amazing practice. It feels like I've barely drawn a thing since last year too. I'm still a bit rusty, but polishing up.

I fixed the Wacom thing earlier this week. After the one night of hopelessness and brooding it only took a few driver re-installs, and uninstalls, and finally a restart, and then a little tweaking the settings panel that finally started working after I had the right driver set installed!

Lesson learned: if you happen to be using a Bamboo: make sure to download the LEGACY drivers, not the newest! And if a driver CD followed with your by-now-ancient tablet, disregard those since they might not work anyway. The newest version of whatever drivers are compatible with your device are the best choice. Look it up. If you have multiple drivers you'll need to uninstall the wrong ones for the right ones to work, too, since Wacom (unlike other software) doesn't do that for you.

So that sorted my tablet issues, and since then I've been tabbing away like a manic man. Taking a stab at it. Occasionally mousing. I'm better at vertical lines with the mouse than a pen, but better at horizontal ones vice versa. Better with round edges with the mouse, but better with uneven edges with the tablet. Better with cursive with the tablet, but better at texting with the mouse. I wonder if it's all a matter of habit, or if certain motions are just easier with a certain device.

As for my other issues, the Hexalist thing, that worked out too! I couldn't get it to run on my default computer no matter what I tried (we ran through a serious troubleshooting checklist), but then I tried it on my other computer... and those zeroes turned to numbers! Still haven't posted the latest update, but at least the data's all ready and waiting.

The bowling session went great (link), the dinner's coming up, Halloween celebration's coming up, my sister's birthday's coming up, various due dates are coming up, and my short November trip up North is coming up too. I hear they have snow there already. I ponder what clothes I should bring, and what it'll be like to live up there in the approaching dark and cold of early winter... if only for a few days. I also fear since it's only a few days one of said days might be wasted on one of the lately all too frequent spontaneous headaches I get, yet if I thought less about such things maybe I'd tense up less and get less headaches.

Either way it's going to be a ton of fun traveling up there, visiting a good buddy; especially in a season in which I usually never do.

In my after-work and after-home-work ventures I played out RE Revelations recently, and started again on 'Normal' difficulty (yeah I'm a casual player... normally), but then I got too deep into Metro 2033 on the train to work and yesterday found myself reading it for four hours straight before bed; falling asleep after 3. I woke up at 11:40 today. Bedtime routines took another serious blast there, holy hell, but at least winter time's coming up soon (+1 hour)...

Wish I could spend a whole day just reading a book sometime, but then again I probably wouldn't appreciate a day full of book-reading as much as a short book-reading session when there's really no time for a full day ever. Not that four hours is particularly short.

In other news I went taste testing smoothies earlier this week, tried some sushi and zone therapy yesterday, and backed 12 projects on Kickstarters. Money flies. Though only if any of them get funded...

I started today with a walk, and ended with one too, but it was all clouds and darkness this time. Orange leaves shine bright on the wet pavement though. Pretty pretty.

It's still autumn, but the first snow of winter actually fell this Sunday: October 22. A sparse powder at SpÄnga station one late bowling night. Pretty cool, but I swear I won't give up my shorts before November anyway. Not unless the weather forecast changes drastically and we get a new ice age.

Hopefully it won't come to that, cause I don't like breaking a promise, or losing a challenge, or wearing pants, or a too early winter. But when it does come may it be furious, and the snow in abundance.

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