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Why Pirate?

Why do we love pirates? Because they're the heroes of our time! The benefactors of the poor, the caretakers of our collective wealth, and the true voice of the people when normal people don't dare speak!

Probably also (though he doesn't mention this), because they stereo-typically look cool, talk weird, don't fear death, take life a day at a time, live proudly by their own honor and code, and enjoy true and total freedom on the vast blue seas I so often dream of! I'm a Crayfish. It's my calling. Why it translates to Cancer in the international zodiac is beyond me.

So I've been dressed up as a pirate on Halloween for years, too, and I still watch (and recently started playing) One Piece with a passion. Guess this is why. Both video and description.

Great props Kester Brewin on shedding the right kind of light on the topic, and taking a stab at our vicious copyright monopoly at the same time. What he says makes perfect sense, and unfortunately it seems like each time the system starts getting too good it starts getting worse, again, with corporate monopolies slowly sucking out the spine of infant industries. Only in an established state do they get it back, yet new industries keep popping up; the world keeps evolving... so the need for pirates remains.

Or is it the other way around, considering the recent attempts (and successes... unfortunately) on throttling, limiting and controlling the great realm of knowledge and entertainment that is the World Wide Web? Hopefully it's still in an infant state and will only grow stronger with time, yet advocates for freedom of speech and creative enterprise are still very much needed, so props to all you true, honorable pirates for doing what you do, regardless of reason! You're doing the world a favor!

Stay strong, live long, and may the world on one well-aged day become one that no longer needs a status quo to steer the way, nor a group to stand against it. When we live in that promised era of dual peace and understanding, maybe the need for piracy will truly be gone.

The Save Game Strategy, Part II

I thought I'd caught up with that other game I spoke of more than well, after a pace like chasing Pell in a so grand line that I reveled! I had a great time! I excelled! I leveled! I was compelled to skip the shells with which you save... but unexpected system error... what the hell?!

It popped up on the screen, and the system shut itself, so at bed time again today I'll delve into this well, and instead of riding the swell I'll ride an echo of accomplished wealth. Like a shadow. Like it's stealth. Oh well...

Not saving's for the brave. And the lame. Really: save your game.

The Most Powerful Weapon...

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Week 47, 2017



It's that time of the year again!

All over the Internet people spread their thanks, giving praise to higher entities, families, friends, and others hopefully worthy of such praise.

I've been dubious as to the worth of celebration since it's rooted in all but benevolent beginnings, and isn't a local thing, but was reading through the regular forms of thanks on this blog today when out of nowhere came this:

I am thankful for imperfection and misshapen candies. The imperceptible romance of sunsets through bus windows. The dream that family, friends, co-workers, and strangers are connected by love. I am thankful to my ancestors for enduring so much hardship so that I could be here enjoying Bay Area burritos.

I've never thought about bus windows like that! I see them clearly now.

An image of a train I was waiting on yesterday flashed into my mind as I read this. It rolled in on the dark station with spray-painted windows, and the light shone through the matte glass as though through a haze of smoke, lighting up the dark, snowy platform in a somber but colorful light.

I'm thankful someone else notices the imperfections that make life so perfect! And in particular that they enlighten me with reflections on imperfections I hadn't noticed before, though can relate to. I must have looked out of a bus window a million times already with similar sensations of awe and melancholy.

I'm actually overwhelmed with thankfulness all of a sudden. It's like that one comment pierced through my armor of appreciation apathy with a small spark of odd relatability. There's just so much appreciation out there it's overwhelming, and little of it seems sincere and original. They're like the serenade of 'sorry for your loss's at a funeral. This was that one friend who really came up and shared their sorrow, yet didn't need to say a thing.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for keeping this blog alive. Thanks for being alive. Thanks to life!

I'm thankful for the opportunity to give the thanks I give, and know that even if they seem as uninspiring as the stream I skimmed through on my way to the earlier epiphany and eye-opener, they are, at least today, sincere.

I'll be more creative next year! Thank you for your patience.

Musicalish #223

Does this guy have a two two too? Nah, it's Drake! Impeccable impression, and by a female no less. Sketch, but mostly music commence...


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