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First Day Of Spring

First Day Of Spring

Oh yeah, I forgot about this thing. Popped up in my feed maybe a month ago, but it seems like this day is today!

Beautiful weather. Sunniest in a while.

The worst of the week seems all forgotten in the sunny haze that pervades the window, though thousands of people gathered at Sergel's Square for this morning's speeches. It was a tragedy and a wake-up call, but hope good things'll be coming after.

Newgrounds - The Foundation Of The Future Of Animation

If you haven't been there before, maybe this'll make you want to. ;)

April Fools!

Wouldn't it have been nice if it was this past Friday?

I missed this day entirely this year, but looks like NG had some cool stuff going on. They actually fooled me this year. I was surfing the site via my nephew's computer, on that short vacation up North, totally oblivious as to the date of the day, early morning, after barely 5 hours of sleep on one of the visit's few but intense days (yeah yeah yeah, excuses) which just so happens to be a Chromebook - a tool to me yet unpredictably modern, with touch screen, millisecond boot time, super simple surfing and so on... so when the pop-up window told me the power was failing and I had to turn the screen towards the sun I thought it was a new feature on this particular device.

I looked at the battery icon first, and it was low! I asked my nephew if the computer really did charge via solar power. He came over and glanced at the screen, pointed at the battery power and said it was not low, and that I'd better not click that pop-up message, but eh... I'd clicked on it a few times anyway.

NG's a reliable site... right? What were they up to? It took some quick opening up submissions and managing to hit the vote panel before they blackened out, and reloading tabs as I went before I figured it out. Ohh, right, it's the first of April!

So yeah, that's my April Fool's ramble for the year. No joke this time, and also maybe the first time I actually fell for something. Or the first time in a long long time. Fell for... sort of. Didn't immediately understand the implication of, more like.

It felt good though. Like waking up one early morning to a stairway serenade of song and realizing it's your birthday. :) Can't remember the last time that happened. If I get busy enough, maybe I can get that going next...

Week 1 - 10, 2017

So a few weeks ago I thought I'd try recording all ten weekly verses in one take, and here is the result!

It's regular voice recorder recording. No processing, cuts or effects. Tolerable audio quality, and not perfect lyricism either but I think it went alright. :) I'll give it another try when it's up at twenty.

Week 14, 2017


Week 13, 2017


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