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Week 39, 2017


MegaSync Deleting Files

The two most important files on my desktop suddenly disappeared. O_O

I'd been syncing. Backing things up for this particular kind of scenario - but never thought the backup process itself would cause the issue! Fortunately the files had been backed up, but MegaSync deleted the originals while doing so.

Yes, I know sync is not the same as backup, but with a client that automatically syncs a folder of your choosing to the cloud, and has unlimited file-versioning (as long as there's space), Mega seemed to work well for this particular purpose. The free plan doesn't give enough space to sync everything, but I've been prioritizing the desktop (where I save all active projects) and make occasional manual cloud backups of the rest elsewhere.

I'd uninstalled Megasync a while back though, because it took up too big a part of system resources, but installed it again yesterday because peace of mind felt more important. I guess not. It's now uninstalled again, and frequent manual backup of the most important files will be the main method until I settle for a more reliable alternative.

I'm starting to seriously ponder Backblaze. They seem awesome. I love the company, but the service costs so I've been sticking to free alternatives so far.

I love Mega too, but their client has some major flaws. Be wary.

World Destroyer

Here's a little something animated maybe worth funding?

Music Producer Choose Your Own Adventure

Just had to port this original; creatively entertaining musical choose-your-own-adventure in video format (finally finished exploring all available options)! So here, if you have time to spare:

Musicalish #206

There's been some pretty good music this summer! I'm catching up...


Fidget Spinning!

So I finally jumped on the trend and got one of these (before summer, I'm just late posting)!

Fidget Spinners!


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