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Tank 432 (2016)

Tank 432 (2016)

When there is no enemy within the enemies outside cannot hurt you.

The catchphrase is genius, as was the original title: Belly of The Bulldog (Bulldog as in the tank). The movie... it could have been.

A bunch of people - soldiers and prisoners, wake up in a forest fog, and run onto a field to find a tank. They enter, and get locked inside, and that's where the whole movie plays out. There's paranoia, claustrophobia, craze, and sudden death, and for a B-movie all of this plays out surprisingly well, and yet there's not really any substance. It leads nowhere. The actors are good enough, the settings hazy and desolate, and in the end... it starts again.

It's surprisingly well-choreographed, and acted, and with a great setting, but no meat on the plotbones. Or dialogbones. Or characters. The little there is gets blown up or runs under the tank. It's all just... bones. I feel like if they'd spent more time in their think tank and put together a better script, this could've been more than a B-movie, because everything else surpassed my expectations Even the no-name actors.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

It's that time of the year again! That time when there's no more time. When the old year passes, and through the fireworks and ashes a new one rises.

Have you set any goals for yourself this year? Any resolutions? Hopes and dreams and visions you wish to chase? I'm echoing mine in my mind as I type this, Trying to make them a part of me. Hoping I'll remember. Knowing there's no way I'll forget, but that maybe, just maybe, my resolve will falter as the exhilaration of early days fades away, and routine lumbers in and blocks the way.

But not this year! No. I'll beat my routine, and I don't mean like an abusive stepfather. I'll train my routine, and I don't mean like that rail-bound vehicle that follows the same tracks no matter what. Instead of dragging my routine behind me, like a boulder glued to my back, I'll let it carry me through the arduous days, and let it grow stronger the further we go. My resolutions...? Well, for starters I'm going to make more music. And for the rest of it: I'll save that for some other post.

The New Year is here, and so far it feels pretty hopeful! It's not a fresh start entirely - not as well as I wish it was, but though dues do keep collecting, and collecting dust as they do, sometimes you just have to let some of them go. Especially if they're mostly in your mind. Put down those burdens that weigh you down, and start fresh, feathered as a fleeting dream.

Let's make 2017 amazing.

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