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George Orwell - A Final Warning

I just stumbled upon this, his very last message to the world, and sadly it's as relevant now as ever. Seen in the wrong light it may be hard to see that boot, or to feel it pressing upon you if it starts doing so so ever so slightly, increasing its weight over time, but if you're aware of it then you can remove your face. You can fell your victor. There's billions of us, and there's really not many who trample us down.

Climb the pyramid and grapple that crown. Let the pyramid topple, and of us the lot, all, get back on the ground.

Inktober #28 Winter G

Winter G

Winter greens. :) Within the blissful hither winter waits. Us heathens take the gates.

Inktober 2017

It is a bit late, but I've been going through Inktober drawings this afternoon and finally, retrospectively adding in last year's Inktober dose, previously only available via my art page on NG.

Similar to the previous year all drawings were done in Flash 8 - one for each day of the month, and apart from the final one I think I nailed every single date. That's the challenge: staying disciplined and drawing something ever single day of October!

As with the year before most are at least partly drawn with my old Wacom Bamboo too. It seems to be the one yearly occasion for which I bring it out. It still feels sort of awkward compared to a regular mouse.

I feel I keep improving with these, even if I wish I'd be more active during the eleven months between these events. I've barely drawn a thing between these times. Barely. And I barely drew a thing between this and this year, too, but maybe I can keep going a bit this time around...

Inktober 2017's over, but the end of 2018's challenge is coming up soon. Hope to post those without the same delay. :) I've been testing a different medium this time. Changing things up a bit. For now here's a link to last year's Inktober dose again.

Bleach (2018)

Bleach (2018)

These Netflix Original Live Action versions of classic anime series are starting to get surprisingly spot on! With characters and plot progression and everything. They even manage to get the same vibe, even if it seemed like it was almost going horror story in the beginning - and that style seems to come back a bit with every ghastly encounter. Also: the wife... didn't she have blonde hair in the story? And Orihime? Oh well. Details.

Overall it's great. They manage to build what took at least a dozen episodes in the anime impressively well in movie time, even if it sometimes feels a bit much to take in. Crammed together. Like this would've been better as a whole live action series. Who knows, maybe they'll make one of those next?

I'm also missing Orange Range in the intro, and some of the special effects are eh... so-so. Way better than the Full Alchemist original though - or any others I've seen so far. It's really Bleach! They've got it down to the essence, and since the anime's a review in itself I won't focus on the plot here. It's a mess but I love it, and this movie equally so. Hope they make a sequel.

Or a few. Or a series.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

48 Hours To Live (2016)

48 Hours To Live (2016)

A 3D hybrid merging the genres of film noir, dance, and mystery. A loner fresh out of rehab and hunted by both sides of the law returns home to solve the murder of his sister, and finds himself entangled in a game of revenge on the LA club circuit.

This was like a dance movie with Max Payne narrative. It starts creative, fresh, with a myriad of moving images all playing to the beat, but soon falls into the same cliches you'd expect... and yet it keeps surprising!

It's almost like James Maslow learns how to act during the duration of the movie, and though the style changes drastically - and doesn't feature as many dance scenes as you'd expect from a movie of the type, it does impress, in quite a few ways.

The action's not perfect, but the plot's not as superficial as you may think. I like how it goes... even when I don't really like it.

I like the colors too. I like the vibe. I like the girls. I like the noir-like narrative and interesting twist to the common crime, dimes and nickle, movie. I like it enough to give it a good rating, but the title? That's one big mistake. Those 48 hours come into the picture way too late, and by then there's no time for urgency. So close to a four...

 rated 3/5: not bad

Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web (2017)

Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web (2017)

Maybe you've heard of MegaUpload before? No? Maybe you've heard of the man behind it? The hacker? The innovator? The political candidate?

For those who don't know about Kim Dotcom, this might not be a movie for you. You might want to read up on the Internet first, and when you're ready: take a trip down memory lane with one of its heaviest influences of recent years, a man with a fascinating albeit criminal (so they say) history, with an affinity for starting interesting projects, the ability to make money off of them, and recently: the man fighting a legal battle against the US for six years straight; still going strong.

It's a battle that never seems to end, and one where I definitely side with this guy. I did so before this documentary, and I do so after it as well, even after all I've learned of his dubious past. Is he a good guy? Who knows. He's a mystery. But he is doing good things, and that's what matters the most.

I could expand this into a whole new MU rant, but it'd be better to just watch this documentary instead. It brings up both sides. It paints a better picture of the bigger picture than I'd be able to paint myself. Bias, you know. I'm pro pretty much everything this guy seems to stand for. I've known about this movie a long time too, just took a while to get around to!

It's not the greatest documentary ever - it doesn't have the greatest visuals or narrative, but it does what it's supposed to: it tells the story of Kim Dotcom, philanthropist and pioneer, and is - in a time where the fight for our right to personal integrity and freedom is both fought and ignored every day, mostly in silence, on and off line - more relevant than ever. Most important movie of the year? To me it's definitely one of them.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

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