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Schoolgirls In Chains (1973)

Schoolgirls In Chains (1973)

A psychotic and handicapped couple of brothers kidnap a girl, and take her home to play with. The girls do get collars, but the 'Schoolgirls In Chains' definitely blows the premise of proportion, and the violations...?

Well maybe this was a lot in the seventies, but in modern day it's a pretty tame movie compared to other movies of the type, with one particularly intimate scene, and a few more creative ones. The cover shows little resemblance too.

It is an exploitation movie from the very most creative seventies though, with creative angles, excitement, sensuality, fights and chases, a classy soundtrack and elaborate props (the little there is), and both girls and cars look good too, so what's there not to like?

Among the cast there's Suzanne Lund (a Swede?) who played one of the main roles in this one movie but no others after, and a few other actors who've been in a fair share of films since, among them Gary Kent who's just now starring in Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains, and Cheryl Waters who the year after this movie played a role in Women Unchained, and much later went on to voice a female character in SiN (for those of you who don't know that's an iconic nineties FPS). Skimming the cast list makes for interesting coincidences and career choices (or lack thereof).

I wish Suzanne Lund would've pursued her career further, and hope she doesn't regret doing this one - it was the exploitation era after all. Props also to John Parker on a role well done. He really went into character, harmless as his character may now seem.

All of this might've been done in a darker way today, but times back then were refreshingly unlike our times today. Imaginative and pure. Prepare for a couple twists along the way, too.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Antfarm Dickhole (2011)

Antfarm Dickhole (2011)

I don't even know... if I want to review this one.

The title says it all, and though I must give props on originality. there's little else to redeem it. The props are BAD (but props on using props instead of effects), the acting's bad, there are some naked girls writhing around on the ground, covered with plastic ants... but that's about it as far as the good (is it OK to call them good?) moments go.

The script's a mess, the dialogue's basic, the design's pretty much non-existent. Imagine this idea with a bigger budget... hmm. Maybe that'd just be disturbing in a bad way. Scarring. Maybe best they leave it be.

Points for making something I definitely didn't think would ever be made, or even more so: that I'd ever see.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit

Inktober #27 Deadeyes


Something inspired by Venom...? Whenever I think Venom lately I think Spawn. Something inspired by Spawn...? And the name: possibly inspired by the ninja. Possibly empowered by the hopelessness within the stronghold of my soul. Something cold.

Inktober #26 Synergy Nerves

Synergy Nerves

I started drawing a board of checkers but then... this happened instead. I call it the epitome of strategy. The mind's eye. Behind the board game: he hides in your brain.

Unorthodox Bright

Haiku for a bright
Morning when the world wakes up
To life...

(Ellipses - three syllables.)


Inktober #25 Friesd


Killer filler diet try it.

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