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On The Pendel

I'm waiting for the train to start rolling.

Started the day with sunshine, a cup of matcha latte and RAW food bite with my sister at the Central Station - just a couple away from work. Rushed to the train, caught it in the nick of and thought I'd make it just in time... and here we stand, sitting, still.

The snow is in the way. It's cold and woe delays. And so we slow our pace. It blows when just a mo' ago it rolled and flowed so great like an open mojo race... and then: zero RPM. Could go for days and days now. I know this and I wait...

No, of course not. Not days. Hours, at most. It annoys me a bit of major bitterness though since everything was going so well before this, and it could have kept going that way if I'd just slowed down and waited. Sipped my tea in blissful peace. Socialized a bit longer. Talked about those travel plans we'd planned on talking about but didn't have time for because my sister arrived late. Her bus went slow because of snow too, she finally arrived, we sat down for a bit, then I rushed from the table because down this hub I'd got to git. Now here I sit.

Nevermind being late to work though - such things happen. I'm paid hourly so the only one who needs worry about that is me. What bothers me is spending the time I could have spent in better ways in wait, on a train not making haste, that sits in the same place, as people chat and chit and talk their shit like it's no waste! But hey such are the ways these days...

At least I made it 8/10th's the way.

Time skip. Move. A few hundred words into my rant we're rolling again! A train rolled by on the other platform, so I took the next one that rolled in... rock and roll! Here we go.

We should have gone before the other trains, but the trains that go further/have more people on board seem to be prioritized.

I advised an English-speaking guy who was wondering what was going on onto the right train as well. Good deed of the day. We scuttled over, and the train rolled away right away with the train we'd been on still stuck at the platform. Pulling up to my destination station a few minutes later the announcer is announcing that the train we had been sitting on before was cancelled.. stuck in central station limbo. Maybe forever. Good riddance.

Though I wouldn't mind them saying such things earlier.

I got to work half an hour late. The trains usually go every half hour, so I could have waited half an hour. Like if it was a wait way in the weekend a bit of bitterness seeps in. My brows crease and deepens. My grin thins. I look maybe like a policeman. Shady. Maybe.

On the way back from work... the trains stand still again. I'm nodding off. Someone coughs. Wish the lights would dim so I could try to swim into the realm of dreams and maybe find some thing. Like: realization. Like: epiphany. Like: escape from this brittle world where we grow bitter over seconds lost, though we invented them to use time better.

Isn't that the story with everything we invent? We make it to help us, yet all it ends up doing is cause us problems. We should go back to our Roots.

Snow. The perils. We should build better trains, and tracks, and switches that can handle the icy and unstable weather of our hallowed Northern hemisphere. Otherwise the skies are nice. Beautiful weather though cold. It snows! Lit prose. And I got a new camera. Behold!

A Glimpse, A Test, A Building

Time to get hammered huh? No way. Today's been: OK.

Musicalish #237

Massive up and coming and up already artists edition! Sixty tracks featuring a multitude of diverse talents and whatever's popping right now, like...


Musicalish #236

Here's a massive up and coming hiphop artist edition featuring Merkules, King Lil G and Odd Squad! First up...


Musicalish #235

(Mostly) New music? Here's another dose!


Space Truckers (1996)

Space Truckers (1996)

Now this movie was ahead of it's time! :D Creative eighties sci-fi here we come, and with surprisingly well-added space angles in the mix: Things floating around the cabin, a slanted camera view to make it seem they're walking on walls, etc. The special effects are still mostly crap, but year of release considered I'm impressed! Well maybe not impressed but... refreshed? Even if they look bad they make it look fun, and the props are impressive, especially the robotic soldiers (Google the designer), and the Captain. RoboCop eat your heart out.

Never mind the lighter that lights up even in outer space, or the items floating around the cabin that maintain their position even when they crash - goofs as they may be, details like those also add on an appreciated layer of aesthetic appeal. It's fun to watch, basically. Don't stress the spots. The props are top notch, and the special effects do pop: like the rock block hop scotch. Outdated and unrealistic, sure, but what a ride.

The cast's a limited but good one, composed mainly of Dennis Hopper, Debi Mazar and Stephen Dorff. They play two space truckers and a girl looking to get back to Earth who all wind up on the same ship, carrying a secret supply of cyborg soldiers meant to be put into orbit around Earth and enslave the population... sort of. Things don't go according to plan however and our unwilling heroes are set to face a set of vicious foes in a fight both for their own survival and the future of the world!

Trucking to the stars! Sticking it to the man. It's got the right message, along with a witty - often overly wordy (in a good way) script and characters like out of a comic. I can't find any mention of inspirations behind the movie, but I do wonder if it might have been inspired by Ace Trucking Co - a comic I've read quite a bit of. The characters (in their demeanor more than their appearance) and locales seem somewhat similar, though maybe there are more Space Trucking movies out there than I know. This is my first one.

If there are more: I want to see them!

Stuart Gordon directed this. He's apparently the guy behind some of my old favorites like Re-Animator and... well, that's it. That's all I've seen of him so far, but I wouldn't mind going on a marathon with the rest of them. Real props. Imaginative, Earthly horror with plenty of sci-fi elements. This is one kind of movies I really miss these days. Crappy special effects or no it had something a lot of movies now lack: true creative freedom! Great watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Anaconda (1997)

Anaconda (1997)

A "National Geographic" film crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter, who takes them along on his quest to capture the world's largest - and deadliest - snake.

Exploitation era movies here we come again!

Expect beautiful sceneries, actresses (Jennifer Lopez), guns, snakes, explosions and an overall wild ride with a real tropical vibe. It really taking place in the tropics is pretty cool. Oldskool. Danny Trejo is in the intro too!

The movie starts with a group of characters getting ready to embark into the Amazon jungle in search of a mysterious Indian tribe that worship snakes. There's J-Lo, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson as Kari Wuhrer acting the main crew... and soon Jon Voight appears as a shipwrecked man, who they take aboard without question at first, yet as time goes it's revealed he may have some... uncomfortable secrets up his sleeve.

They make a great cast. Well-picked. All with a part to play and plenty contrasting personalities - in a good way. Ice Cube comes in with a it's a good day when they first meet too. Pretty sure I didn't get that reference last time I watched this!

J-Lo's big break... was it? It's far from her first movie, but maybe the first big one. All the other main actors seem to have been established actors at this point.

Either way it was better than I remembered! It's like a combined thriller/horror story where one character after the other succumbs to the range of one gigantic vengeful *title*.

Since it's the middle of nowhere they have a hard time making it back, too. It's strange in the sense they seem both free and isolated at the same time, with the murky river waters and greenery stretching out on all sides...

The abandoned boats, totems, and other decorations really set the mood. It feels ancient and adventurous. Only the props and special effects don't hold so well. Sometimes they're alright, but sometimes... holy shit. There's just no way you can immerse yourself when they are how they are!

It's a shame since that's the only thing keeping the movie from a somewhat higher score. I love the setting. I love the group. It's an exotic trip up Anaconda-riddled rivers of the mysterious, murky Amazon jungle. B-movie meets Hollywood. Don't expect perfection, but otherwise it definitely provides.

 rated 3/5: not bad

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