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Musicalish #269

Alice In Chains. Legends. They came up on that wave of grunge and stayed on it. I went to their show at Gröna Lund this year so here's a dose, of new and old videos.


Musicalish #268

Eurovision, 2018.

I promised I'd post some bits from this, so here's my favorites! In order.

The first and second just might be a tie though, and I'm really not so sure about all the others... some of these were way better in my memory. I guess it was better live, too, and in a room packed with people.

You can watch the full thing here if you want to get into that special mood, but it's four hours so: be wary. Time's hairy. I wouldn't have done so voluntarily with a cheer at least... though it turned out pretty rare a feast.

Anyway, the better pieces, starting with this masterful mistress...


Musicalish #267

Rob Zombie. You know this guy right? The dude from White Zombie. The dude with the crazy hair and face paint. The king of soft horror and shock shows. Went to one of those so: videos! Starting with the classics...


Making Images UNresponsive

How do you do it? I can't figure it out. The image in this post just won't stop stretching no matter what I try, and Google gives little help on the topic. Seems people all want responsive images, even if that means upscaling images that are smaller to sizes they shouldn't be. I mean seriously, would you rather see an image like this...

...or like this?

Those spots above would be the places I add in those example images, but since suddenly all images on the blog are responsive I can't even give you an example of how different they'd look. They'd both be just as ugly and blurred as the one in this post.

So what's causing this:

Is it the browser? It shouldn't be. Not unless both FireFox and Chrome made a simultaneous update that causes the same issue. Up till now this hasn't been a problem, and... no, it's showing the same way in Vivaldi too.

I shouldn't need to try more alternatives, but I did. That didn't work either.

Is it my lightbox plugin? No. I tried disabling it, and modifying the settings, and checking to see all traces of it were really gone. That wasn't it.

Is it the WordPress function they added in with 4.4 that automatically makes all images on the blog responsive unless you tell it otherwise? No. Not unless this plugin isn't working. And it should: it's been tested on the latest version. I actually just switched from this other plugin since I assumed that's the one that'd stopped working. But that wasn't it.

Is it just this one post? Nope. It's affecting all others too. All images smaller than the post area are scaled up to match the content area width.

Is it my CSS? It shouldn't be. I went through it to check, and I can't find anything there that should cause anything like this - though if you know code feel free to give it a look too. I tried adding in bits and pieces to combat this issue, but couldn't find anything that worked. The 'initial' value did not work, and though I'm not sure it would have worked I couldn't specify precise image dimensions either, since image sizes often differ between posts - even for smaller versions.

Adding a CSS style to override any potential others directly via the post didn't work either. I fiddled around the with the HTML values for size there too, but no game.

What else could it be? The image just won't stay the right size no matter what. I give up. I'm leaving this here in case someone has any ideas on how to fix this! And if I do (or anyone else lets me know - I'll give credit where due): there will be a follow-up. I hope there will be a follow-up...

...because this is just ridiculous.

Fixing The Lose Ends

I was editing a review, and noticed I'd written lose ends instead of loose ends. It's obviously loose ends... right?

*quick Google*

Yes. Yes it is. I never doubted. I fixed the error, and did a quick search on the blog just to see if I might've made it some other time...

119 posts. Full of lose ends. It's not a loosing fight yet though! Time to losen up some joint muscles and make ends meet! End: fixated.

I fixed the lose ends.

No Tree, It Is Said...

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.

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