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It's Autumn!!!

It really is. I just have to concur with my earlier assessment.

Yesterday's concert was awesome, but would've been cold if I wasn't wearing a few layers, wool socks, a hat, a raincoat... I was ready.

I managed to get a spot under the edge of a roof, at the front line, with the driest slice of the crowd behind me and a perfect view of the stage - over the line of umbrellas certain people refused to close at the outskirts of the arena.

The rain poured, and occasionally a sheet of raindrops swept in under the roof. The spotlights played through the haze and the water sprayed around the crowd. I would've liked to join in, but with an hour home in icy downpour it probably wouldn't have been too wise.

Today a cold wind blows outside, and the first leaves swirl with the breeze. The trees have started shedding here too - turning yellow under the icy autumn sun. Fall. Don't we all.

It's Autumn!!

Shard Of Ice In Sunshine

Look what I found this morning! The days were warm but the nights grew cold, the heater eventually stayed on all night in the upstairs bedroom, the fire burned late, the cold air seeped in through the walls somehow and made you snuggle fiercer than before. It was cozy but sometimes cold. Summer's officially over huh?

I took my final (and only, in September) swim yesterday, after a final session of steamy candle-lit sauna, walked a final promenade under a moon so strong the waves shimmered in its light, and I cast a shadow.

Early on we covered the final crops so they'd survive the first promised frost, after a final canoe tour in the icy lake, after a final bike ride to the mailbox, before one last cup of tea in the garden - wool socks and thick jackets equipped, and today we headed off to the airport aaand here I am now, in Bro, painting our kitchen. Second coat in a few mins.

Just to let y'all know: I flew in.

It's Autumn!

But I'll be heading off on my 4/4th part of this year's summer vacation tomorrow anyway! Let's hope the snow waits till October, as it usually does, and maybe a wave of warm days come again. See y'all in a couple weeks and then some! Thanks for your attention on this mention. If not earlier: at winter's intervention.

Musicalish #275

Union Carbide Productions! A Swedish rock band that's been gone for some 25 years appeared on Gröna Lund's stage this year and put on a pretty awesome show. Gritty, grungy, almost industrial music with rockstar vocals. Their style seems to have changed since the old days, but they weren't bad!

Here's some of their stuff back from the...


Musicalish #274

Lagwagon. I thought these guys were called Ladwagon. Curious name. Maybe... they're gay? My bad. Not that there's anything bad with being gay! Googling up some music I realized my mistake, and their show was great. Anyway, a little slice of their music...


Musicalish #273

Asta Kask. An old Swedish punk band from Töreboda came to play at the little stage of Gröna Lund this year, and put on one of the probably best shows this season! Unfortunately their videos aren't half as energetic as their live show, but maybe this'll give a little glimpse...


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