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Hush (1998)

Hush (1998)

Turns out the old movie with the same name wasn't anything like the new one at all! It does start in a similar way, with a couple in a car, but that's about as far as the similarities go. They're always on good terms too, and though they do start to separate during the duration of the movie they never draw apart entirely...

It's about a girl, who meets a boy, who then go to live with his mother on their home farm... only to find out that the mother's hiding some old skeletons in the closet, manipulating her surrounding and creating an atmosphere like... well, you'll see.

It's atmospheric. The scenery's rich too, like the old days. Good actors, good scenery and a good ending (take that as you may). It's a solid thriller all the way through.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Hush (2008)

Hush (2008)

A guy and a girl are riding down the highway one dark, rainy night, when the guy catches a glimpse of a naked girl in a cage in a truck in front of them. But he's not sure. They call the police but can't see the plate, and it all runs into the sand a bit; other relationship drama takes over.

Then they stop at a gas station, the guy goes to the bathroom, the girl disappears... and now is when it starts getting grimy. She doesn't come back, but he sees the truck in the parking lot just as it starts to drive away, and in the surveillance room a third party makes themselves known...

He chases after her first by hunch and soon by enforced conviction, and though there's not much high speed action (none, actually), it keeps the intensity high all the way. He steals cars, and sneaks, and snoops around, and finally chases the kidnapper to his final destination...

The atmosphere's the best part. It's heavy, lucid and frantic. The characters act out their desperation well, and though some of the close calls fall to cliche (the bad guy's looking under the truck, looking further under the truck... finally looking under the truck for real, and suddenly the good guy's managed to make it to the front of the truck), the tension really keeps you glued in. It's uncomfortable from start to finish, and that's something you can't say about most of these movies these days. Just wait for the twist too. The twist? There's plenty of them.

I should mention this all takes plane in the UK, it seems. Makes for a refreshingly bleak kind of setting for a thriller doesn't it. Solid work.

It appears this movie came out 10 years after a movie with the same name btw. Bout to watch that one next! Maybe they're related...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Hush Little Baby (2017)

Hush Little Baby (2017)

AKA Nanny Nightmare.

I wasn't expecting great things from this movie, but it surprised! TV only as it was. The atmosphere and plot reminded me of both The Stranger and Sleep Tight (which were both disturbing).

It's about a babysitter - a teenage boy, who walks in on a happy family during a moment of hardship, and slowly turns that hardship to his benefit. In becoming a part of the family, in taking over the husband's life, and in attempting to raise their baby together. You'd better expect a killer twist at the end too!

There's not particularly much action, and not particularly much variation regarding scenery and script, but it builds up the mood masterfully, and the actors aren't bad. Some better than others. Props to Erin Cahill in particular. With an all-star cast and a bit bigger budget this could've been on par with the best of them! It's a solid thriller as is.

 rated 3/5: not bad

The Dystopian Dream

Earlier this week I woke up from the most dystopian dream I've had so far.

It started pretty cool. Me and a group of people I no longer remember were walking around the outskirts of a city, on a sandy area that was either desert or beach, when we came across a large, empty canal cut out in the sand. It had flat, sloping edges, and a flat bottom, all polished and straight, leading out towards the ocean where the excavators were just about to clear the final stretch to the water, and have it all come rushing in.

I imagined being at the bottom of that canal, and drawing that canal, with sketchy and slating lines to really capture the edges, and then came the water. Instantly the ocean swept its way in; filling it with water. I was surfing on the waves. I followed the rise. I witnessed the water first-person as it claimed the bay.

It turned out this was all a part of filming a new music video for Eminem, and the canal wasn't the biggest part, but more importantly the gigantic mountain of sand that towered behind it, rising to the left of the canal like skyscrapers of a city. The contours of the sand wall weren't obvious at first, but when they said it was supposed to look like the back end of a Chevrolet we could see it clearly. The lightning shifted. It looked like a rusty icon dredged down into the sand, lost to the decades that'd passed before it.

And behind this sand wall there was actually a city, with colorful lights and flickering neon. It was night, but it was bright. We walked along the aisles (because they really were more like aisles than regular streets and sidewalks), and looked up at the lit skies with awe.

Then it was time to go back, and this is where the dystopia started. The sky was once again that of an early morning with thin clouds filtering the sunlight, and we crossed a bridge to get home.

I didn't remember that bridge being there before.

At the highest point there was an intersection, with the crossing road leading straight into a wall of rubble, and we saw excavators or bulldozers shoving around large rocks below in a landfill of gigantic proportions, a field of stones and pitfalls deep below us, so large it'd be impossible to cross, and impossible to climb without the stones tumbling down on you.

It was like the excavators kept the field alive: a deceptive stretch of living stones just waiting to crush and bury you. A set of guards waited on the bridge, and I don't remember why but at first they wouldn't let us through.

But then they did, and I ran home, past this barren land, and embarked onto a forest road that slithered by a river, with dry autumn-like grass and leafless trees shimmering in the sun, the water running wild beside me.

Eventually the road became flooded, and I didn't want to go any further with my regular shoes, so I ran back again, thinking about how different the world was as soon you managed to get outside the s city. The divide was instantaneous as soon as you went down from the bridge and came into the forest. The light. The colors.

Everything was vibrant and full of life, and it might not sound like it, but that intersecting bridge was the heaviest notion of future dystopia I've ever been in. As I stood by the guard post I felt caged like I don't think I ever have in real life.

But then I was out, back in the wild, and I'm sure there was a bit more to my dream, like this fight with police I have some vague memory of (it ended with them letting me out, asking if I'd had some time to think about what I did, and I just said yes, the police are my enemy now, that's it).

Then I woke up to frosty landscapes and a warm winter sun.

Life's not so bad after all.

Musicalish #280

Real rap's coming back! :D This one's for Dax, but let's start with some...


Die Hard XKCD


Really reminded me of this other one...

Devotion To Duty

Yeah I'm a Die Hard fan too.

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